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The Business Administration (Tier-I discipline) Doctoral Program belongs to the first-level discipline construction project of Shanghai and the key discipline of Shanghai International Studies University. The doctoral program relies on the Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence for Information Behavior (BMIB) to enhance the scientific development of management science. This program includes five concentrations:Consumer Behavior and Neural Decision-making, Information Management and Digital Marketing, Corporate Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management, Fintech, Accounting and Corporate Finance,  and New technology and Convergence Media Management. Emphasizing the intersection and integration of disciplines, emphasizing the deepening and expansion of traditional research content, aiming to cultivate high-level business management research talents who meet the needs of internationalization.

The doctoral program in business administration aims to cultivate high-level research talents in business administration that meet the needs of internationalization. Students should have a solid and extensive basic knowledge, master and be proficient in applying theories and methods in mathematics, economics, management, computer science, and other disciplines, and conduct rigorous logical analysis and theoretical innovation for problems in enterprise management.

Consumer Behavior and Neural Decision-making: As a major trend of scientific management, this concentration mainly uses the interdisciplinary research methods such as cognitive neuroscience technology to observe and study the brain activities and various psychological and physiological indicators of decision makers at managerial level, and solve the difficulties in traditional management study. Based on the Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence for Information Behavior (BMIB), this concentration requires students to abundantly use research tools and methods of cognitive and neuroscience to explore multiple branches in frontier management research, including consumer behavior, management decision-making, organizational behavior, management psychology, information systems, and business ethics.

Information Management and Digital MarketingThis concentration focuses on the latest developments and cutting-edge issues of the new generation of information technology represented by big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality in fields such as data science, intelligent science and technology, sharing economy, intelligent commerce, information systems, new media marketing, and intelligent decision-making. This concentration relies on research platforms such as the  Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence for Information Behavior (BMIB), Institute of Data Sciences and Intelligent Decision Making, Institute of Intelligent Advertising and Communication Science, and Institute of Neural Information System and Digital Marketing. The faculty is strong and applies business analysis, big data, basic theories of artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technologies and software tools, including big data business intelligence and decision support Conduct cutting-edge theoretical and applied research in important fields such as deep mining of mobile user behavior, intelligent medical management, intelligent recommendation systems, digital marketing methods and strategies, intelligent public opinion analysis, and social media content dissemination.

Corporate Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management: This concentration focuses on issues faced by companies in international business communication and cross-cultural management when it comes to cross-border operation. Based on Institute for Cross Culture Management, Research Center for Oriental Management, this concentration includes international business environment, strategic management of international enterprise, international human resource management, comparative research of East and West management, cross-cultural communication andmanagement.

Fintech, Accounting and Corporate Finance: This concentration is a combined research on information science and the financial industry, focusing on the latest developments and important genres of financial technology, accounting and corporate finance. Based on the Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence for Information Behavior (BMIB), its main focus is how those breakthroughs in information science such as big data, cloud computing, block chains and artificial intelligence influence the financial and accounting industry. Research scenarios in the context of fintech development include changes in the macro-financial system and micro-decision mechanisms; technology-driven finance enterprise innovation and the transformation of traditional financial industry, and the frontier issues of the application and supervision of financial technology tools.

New technology and Convergence Media Management: This concentration applies cutting-edge scientific and technological means such as artificial intelligence technology, cognitive neuroscience technology, blockchain technology, VR/AR technology to the research on the operation and management of multi-level, multi category and multiple commercial service media carriers such as Xiaohongshu, Tiktok, TV, newspapers and periodicals, focusing on information platforms, information dissemination, information communication, brand promotion, channel management, crisis management and other issues in commercial activities, Exploring the digital and intelligent forms of future commercial public relations aims to create new and advanced theories and methods for public relations operations in enterprise management.

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