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SBM is committed to carrying out all-round cooperation with international first-class business schools in student exchange, faculty exchange, discipline construction, joint research and cooperative project development, with partners all over Europe, United States, Asia and Africa. At present, SISU MBA has established long-term friendly cooperative relations and carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with 14 well-known universities and business schools in 10 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand and Morocco.

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is one of the world's top private research universities as well as one of the eight famous Ivy League universities and one of the founding members of AACSB. Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740, it is the fourth oldest higher education institution in the United States, the first comprehensive university in the modern sense in the United States, and the birthplace of many education innovations, including the first medical school in North America (in 1765), the first university business school (Wharton, in 1881), and the first student union organization (in 1896) were all born at this university. Also, University of Pennsylvania is the first modern university in the United States to engage in science, technology and humanities education.

University of Pennsylvania ranked 8th in the United States in the 2018 US News university comprehensive rankings, 10th in the world in the 2018 times world university rankings, and was rated as one of the top 10 dream schools by the Princeton review.

In 2018, SBM established a cooperative relationship with University of Pennsylvania to provide our students with Business Study Tour under the theme of Global Leadership and Problem Solving.

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Baruch College, City University of New York

Baruch College, City University of New York, founded in 1847 in Manhattan, New York, is one of the earliest public universities in the United States. Baruch College has three schools: Zicklin School of Business, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, and Marxe School of Public and International Affairs.

Zicklin School of Business is one of the largest business schools in the United States and also one of the earliest to be accredited by AACSB, offering bachelor, master and doctor degrees. The school is adjacent to Wall Street, the financial center of the United States, and enjoys unique geographical advantages. Many Zicklin's graduates have entered U.S. top investment Banks and financial companies. Its Master in Financial Engineering (MFE) program is praised as one of the top FE programs in the United States. In 2017, it was ranked first in QuantNet together with MCF of Carnegie Mellon University. In 2018, it was named by Forbes as the most valuable school in the U.S.

In November 2016, Shanghai International Studies University and Baruch College jointly established the Baruch Confucius Institute for international finance in New York, which has set up a solid and broad platform for bilateral cooperation. At present, the cooperation program between our school and Zicklin School of Business include double degree in Master of Science in Finance and Master of Science in Marketing with concentration in Digital Marketing.

Tulane University

Founded in 1834 and located in New Orleans, the globally famous commercial port and southern cultural city in Louisiana, Tulane University is a private but national first-class university with a long history in the southern United States. There are more than 1,000 faculties, including Nobel Prize winners and a number of leading academics at the international level. Since its founding, Tulane University have won two Nobel prizes and five Pulitzer prizes among its alumni and faculty, including the co-founder of yahoo, the former CEO of CNN, the former CEO of Royal Dutch and the President of Republic of Costa Rica.

Freeman School of Business, founded in 1914, is one of the earliest business schools in the US and is recognized as one of the best, ranking in the top 50 of every leading us magazine. It is the founding member of AACSB. In 2013, the master of finance (MFIN) program in Freeman School of Business was rated by the Financial Times as the 5th master of finance program in the US and the 29th in the world.

In 2012, SBM established a cooperative relationship with Tulane University. Tulane University offers SBM students a global finance -themed Business Study Tour.

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McMaster University

Founded in 1887, McMaster University is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, a tourist city. The school is famous for its ancient academic accumulation and high-quality education level. McMaster University has been renowned in the industry for more than 100 years, and is often referred to by its American counterparts and industry as the MIT of Canada.

McMaster University has a world-class Business School: DeGroote School of Business, ranked 88th among the top 100 Business schools in the world, has strong faculty, is especially famous for applied economics, and enjoys a good reputation in the north American Business community, which is hard for other Canadian schools to match.

In 2016, SBM established a cooperative relationship with DeGroote School of Business of McMaster University. In 2018, SISU MBA established a partnership with McMaster university to provide MBA students with a BST program themed with Exploring the Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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Oxford University

Oxford University is a world-famous public research university which is also the oldest university in the English-speaking world as well as the second oldest existing higher education institution in the world. Many of Oxford's departments receive five-star ratings in research quality assessments, and its faculty members are world leaders in their academic fields.

Founded in 1996, Saïd Business School is the youngest college in Oxford University with a history of 800 years. Though only 20 years old and a junior member of the old Oxford University, Said Business School has been hailed by the Harvard business review as the fastest-growing business school in Europe.

In 2016, SBM established a cooperative relationship with Oxford University, we now provide our students with the activity project of experiencing British business culture under the theme of Business Study Tour.

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Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Leipzig Graduate School of Management (short for HHL), founded in 1898, is located in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany. It is the oldest business school in German-speaking countries and the first private business school in Germany to win the status of university. With outstanding faculty, clear research direction and teaching style of combining theory with practice, the college has always provided students with first-class various business management projects, aiming at cultivating future business leaders of socially responsible colleges and universities through excellent teaching, scientific research and practice.

HHL is the first German private business school to be accredited by theAssociation to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Its entrepreneurship courses and e-commerce courses were ranked first by the Financial Times. In 2013, it was rated as the most entrepreneurial university in Germany by German Entrepreneurs association. In 2014, its Master in Management program was ranked 11th in the Financial Times' global masters in Management ranking.

Since 2015, SBM has established a comprehensive cooperative relationship with Leipzig Graduate School of Management, carrying out comprehensive cooperation in student exchange, faculty exchange, discipline construction and joint scientific research. The two sides provide students at the master's level with double-degree programs and exchange programs of enterprise management, as well as the BST programs of Industry 4.0 with distinctive German characteristics.

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ESIC Business & Marketing School

In 2016IMBA jointly developed by ESIC Business & Marketing School in Spain and School of Business and Management of SISU passed EPAS international certification of EFMD and in 2018 attained AMBA international certification. In 2017, IMBA ranked 27th in Bloomburg Businessweek 's global international MBA program rankings.

The IMBA program mainly targets at international students and implements small-class elite teaching. The program is also open to Chinese students and is available to new MBA students in our school. After admission, students will study in ESIC Business & Marketing School in Spain from November of that year to February of the next year. After the completion of the required credit courses and passing the examination, they will obtain the degree of ESIC Business & Marketing School, then back to School of Business and Management of Shanghai International Studies University to continue their study until graduation.

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IESEG School of Management

IESEG is one of the best schools of management in France, one of the most international schools in The Grandes Ecoles and is a global top school of business with certifications of AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. The school's Master of Science ranked 21stion Financial Times' global master of management rankings. Its high standard of filter conditions and high-quality teaching mode enable graduates to be qualified for all kinds of senior management positions in multinational companies.

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NEOMA Business School

NEOMA Business School has the ambition to be an innovative challenger to the world's leading business schools. Driven by its strategic plan, NEOMA Business School is building the school of tomorrow and rethinking its approach to international development, teaching, the use of digital technology and campus design.

The school offers an extensive portfolio of programmes across its campuses in Reims, Rouen and Paris, from Bachelor’s and Master’s in Management to Executive Education, for over 9,500 students.

The faculty includes more than 160 permanent professors and research-professors, 60% of whom have an international profile. NEOMA Business School has more than 59,500 graduates based in 120 countries.

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Halmstad University

Founded in 1083, Halmstad University is a well-known university in Sweden, known for its comprehensive teaching and internationally renowned research capabilities. Halmstad University consists of five schools: The Faculty Training School, School of Humanities, School of Information Science, Computer and Electronic Engineering, School of Social and Health Sciences, and School of Business and Engineering. Its specialties are the humanities, business and engineering, information science, computer and electrical engineering, social and health sciences, and teacher education.

Halmstad University has strong international characteristics. Characterized by its constantly developing new courses, degree education, independent research and stable and peaceful campus environment, it has attracted a large number of international exchange students.

In 2011, SISU MBA established a partnership with Halmstad University to conduct students’ exchange.

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KyungHee University

KyungHee University is one of South Korea's top private universities, with two campuses, Seoul campus and international campus. Since its establishment, KyungHee University has established more than 100 majors in the fields of humanities, society, science and technology, medicine, art and sports, among which the research achievements in business studies, economics, medicine, news and information science are particularly outstanding.

In the 2015 QS Asian university rankings, KyungHee University ranked 38th. In the 2016 QS world university rankings, it was ranked among the top three hundred universities (264th).

In 2013, SISU MBA established a cooperative relationship with KyungHee University of South Korea, opening exchange programs for MBA students.

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Thammasat University

Founded in 1933, located in the historical and cultural center of Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River, Thammasat University is one of the oldest universities in Thailand. It is known as the cradle of Thailand's prime ministers. Of the 17 prime ministers in Thailand history, 11 came from Thammasat University. Thamasat University has 6 colleges, 21 departments, and 7 research centers. It offers 104 undergraduate programs and 82 graduate degree programs, cultivating students all over Thailand. The Business School of Thammasat University is accredited by the EFMD andAACSB. According to the 2017 Webster Ranking, Thamasat University ranked 948th of the world's top 12,000 universities and 6th of universities in Thailand.

In 2018, SISU MBA established a partnership with Thammasat University on MBA students exchange programmes.

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Founded in 1971 by king hassan ii of Morocco , Groupe ISCAE (Groupe Institut Superieur de Commerce et d’Administration des Entreprises) is the first public institution of higher education in Morocco. Groupe ISCAE offers five types of courses for undergraduates and MBA students: marketing, financial cooperation, auditing, international trade, marketing, and human resource management. It has granted the AMBA accreditation. In 2017, Groupe ISCAE was ranked as a world-class business school by Bloomberg.

In 2018, SBM established a partnership with the Groupe ISCAE on students exchange programmes.

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