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Founded in December 1949, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is an internationally recognized and prestigious academic institution directly under the Ministry of Education and jointly supervised by Shanghai municipal government. It is one of China's national key universities enlisted in the Project 211 and the Double First-class university plans. SISU is one of the first Chinese universities to enter into cooperation framework agreements with the UN Headquarters and offices, the European Commission, and the European Parliament. It comes very high among Chinese universities in the QS World University Rankings and other international rankings, and has an A+ rating (in the foreign languages and literature category) in the academic evaluation by the Ministry of Education, tied for the first place in China. Among nearly 3,000 universities in China, SISU’s admission score has long been ranked among the top 20.

Since it began to offer management education in 1985, SISU SBM has been committed to supporting national strategies. SBM graduates have played a constructive role in each significant stage of national development, from China's reform and opening-up to current Chinese companies going global. Absorbing from China's 5,000-year history and culture and the essence of Western management theory and practice over two centuries, in an era when technologies are driving social progress, SBM develops a model of training “management talents without borders”, from “management plus foreign language” to “in line with the world and synchronized with the frontier”, and cultivates elites with international vision and technology-driven talents. SBM has recruited scholars from top-ranking universities worldwide, including the University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Cambridge. The school has established a faculty with several academic leaders and endeavors to develop the discipline, establish the talent training system to serve the strategic needs of the country. SBM is committed to becoming more international, exploring frontiers, and building solid science. Through unremitting efforts of the faculty, SBM has become one of the best management schools in Chinese universities.

At present, SBM has established a multi-level education system that offers doctoral, master's and bachelor's degree programs. The school is authorized to offer doctoral programs and postdoctoral programs under the tier-I discipline of Business Administration. In addition, its Bachelor’s programs in Business Administration and Information Management and Information System are recognized in the national first-class undergraduate programs. Overall, the discipline of Business Administration, as a tier-I discipline, has been elected as a key discipline of SISU and a first-class discipline in Shanghai. The MBA program has officially granted AMBA Accreditation. The Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence for Information Behavior (BMIB) built by SBM was approved as a key laboratory in Shanghai in 2022. It is the first provincial-level key laboratory for science and technology in a foreign language university. In 2023, it was also approved to cultivate and construct the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education.

The distance begins with the step, education is about the country. To be acknowledged as an internationally renowned research-based business school, SBM is committed to cultivating talents of integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence in the world, so as to help the development of global enterprises and promote the progress of the world economy. For this reason, SBM will never forget its original intention and forge ahead with its dream.


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