Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office serves for the talent cultivation of the college, undertakes the student management work, and always insists on fostering virtue through education. Specific work contents include ideological and theoretical education and value guidance, party and league and class construction, construction of academic atmosphere, students daily affairs management, psychological health education and counseling, network ideological and political education, campus crisis event response, career planning and employment and entrepreneurship guidance, theoretical and practical research and other work modules.

Cultivating talents and creating scholars is the foundation of the country, Student Affairs Office continues to focus on the Four Regression of higher education -- regression to common sense, regression to duty, regression to original mind, regression to dream; The office adheres to the people-oriented principle, sets up a correct view of learning, makes solid progress in the construction of academic atmosphere, focuses on improving the school's humanistic atmosphere, and is aimed at helping undergraduates, master's students, doctoral students and other types of students to grow into talents, striving for training students to become outstanding talents in both morality and all-round development.

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