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Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration was founded in 1985 and rated as the key discipline of SISU and first-class discipline of Shanghai in 2012. In 2017, the doctoral program of first-class discipline was approved. Rooted in national strategies and social demand, the department has focused on the international frontier, cross-cultural management, finance, science and technology and corporate finance, consumer behavior and decision making, digital marketing and other aspects of the study, cultivated a large number of management talents into scientific research experts and business leaders, who have become the backbone of the Chinese society today.

Information Management and Decision Science

Since the establishment in 2001, the Department of Information Management and Decision Science has been addressing the needs of the national development strategy, and is committed to combining the needs of the current society and enterprises with the research of information technology and decision science management. This department has a complete undergraduate, master and doctoral education system. Relying on AI and Data Science Application Center and Business Analysis and Digital Marketing Research Institute, as well as outstanding professors, the department develop curriculums and training objectives taking international top business schools for standard, and provide students with strict training of management science theories and methods.

Public Relations

The Department of Public Relations has been recruiting students since 2006. SISU is the only university in China that has a bachelor's, master's and doctor's training system for public relations program. The department is dedicated to cultivating public relations professionals who are good at management, planning and communication, have systematic knowledge of administration management and operation management, are familiar with modern communication and communication theories and methods, have research, planning and creative abilities, and master various publicity skills and diplomatic art. Due to the emphasis on the cultivation of students' basic knowledge, graduates have great advantages in the employment competition for working for the world's top 500 enterprises and the government departments of foreign affairs, with outstanding performance in employment rate, employment quality, salary and income.

Fintech and Corporate Finance

The Department of Fintech and Corporate Finance intends to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents equipped with solid knowledge of the fundamental theories of Finance and Financial Management and of essential technologies and methods of Big-data management, as well as excellent skills of computer programming. Graduates are expected to be multi-competent in various fields of Big-data analysis, Finance, Corporate Finance and Management, and are proficient at employing artificial intelligence algorithms to conduct quantitative analysis. The main vision is to endow our graduates with abilities to managebig-data, for the purpose of management. Under the guideline of “versatile background, solid foundation, high quality and strong capabilities”, our program customizes to the particular needs of students, adopts a teaching system of multi-disciplinary curriculum, and takes full advantages of the “multilingual+” environment, in order to cultivate elites majored in financial and financial management who are proficient in the discipline frontiers, master scientific methods, and possess both computer programming ability, innovation ability and foreign language expertise. 

English Teaching

SBM attaches particular importance to the overall improvement of students' global competitiveness. The English Teaching Department is responsible for English teaching tasks and cultivating the core competitiveness of interdisciplinary talents. By virtue of the strong advantages of in English teaching, we greatly improves students' English language ability. Students have solid English foundation and proficient English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating skills. They have reached the level of TEM-4 in the basic stage, and the pass rate of TEM-8 in the advanced stage ranks among the top in the school. Students will also have the opportunity to choose French, German, Spanish, Japanese and other second foreign languages. After graduation, they are highly adaptable to the foreign language environment of studying in overseas famous universities or working in multinational companies.

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