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The Business Administration (Tier-I discipline) Doctoral Program belongs to the first-level discipline construction project of Shanghai and the key discipline of Shanghai International Studies University. The Key Laboratory for the Application of Brain and Cognitive Science and the AI and Data Science Application Center have been driving the development of management to a more scientific level.

The cultivation scheme of our Ph.D program is based on the cultivation mode of Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Columbia Business School and other top global business schools. As a set of doctoral training system, it attaches great importance to foundation, frontier and quality, aiming at cultivating high-end management research talents with an international perspective. The program has established good academic cooperation and exchange relations with University of Pennsylvania, National University of Singapore, Georgia Institute of Technology and City University of New York.

Supervisors of this program present the characteristics of internationalization, youth, frontier and elite, possessing “Changjiang Scholars”, “Major Chief Experts of National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social” and “New Century Excellent Talents” of Ministry of Education and “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, “Leading Talents”, “Eastern Scholars”, “Shugang Scholars”, “Chenguang Scholars” and “Pujiang Talents” of Shanghai. Doctoral candidates are trained in the way of tutor groups and equipped with international cutting-edge scientific research platforms.

This program includes four concentrations:Consumer Behavior and Neural Decision-Making, Information Management and Digital Marketing, Corporate Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management, and Fintech and Corporate Finance, emphasizing the intersection and integration of sciences and the deepening and expansion of traditional research content.

Consumer Behavior and Neural Decision-Making

This concentration mainly concerns cognitive neuroscience technology which is an important trend in the development of management science, with support from the Key Laboratory of Applied Brain and Cognitive Science and Institute of Neural Information System and User Behavior, as well as in-depth cooperative research with the University of Pennsylvania. The Supervisor team has published a large number of high-level papers in international top journals, including sub-journals of PNAS and Nature. Currently, national science research projects such as NSFC have been undertaken and these projects and achievements have laid a solid foundation for Ph.D cultivation in this concentration.

Information Management and Digital Marketing

This concentration integrates talents and computing resources of relevant universities around the world, cooperates with cross-regional big data and industrial development of artificial intelligence, and means to promote the development of strategic emerging industries such as big data and artificial intelligence in China. Under the leadership of the distinguished professor Eastern Scholar of Shanghai and the New Century Excellent Talent of the Ministry of Education, Pan Yu, relying on the AI and Data Science Application Center and Sino-American Institute of Business Analysis and Digital Marketing .Carrying out extensive cooperation with Zicklin School of Business, the supervisor team has published a large number of high-level papers in MISQ, DSS, IJEC and other digital marketing fields, and undertaken a number of national scientific research projects such as NSFC.

Corporate Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management

It is necessary for Chinese managers to be familiar with corporate strategy theory, oriental management opinions, and conduct cross-cultural management and public relations management. Therefore, this concentration provides intellectual support for the implementation of national development strategies and multinational enterprises in Shanghai. Under the leadership of the leading expert of Major National Social Science Project, Professor Fan Zheng, Shuguang Scholar of Shanghai and Professor Su Zongwei, winner of the 4th Management Science Award of China, relying on the Institute of Cross-Cultural Management and Institute of Oriental Management, it has carried out cooperative research with Business School of Monash University. At present, it has undertaken many national projects such as Major National Social Science Project and NSFC, published a large number of high-quality SSCI international papers, and made important scientific progress in corporate internationalization strategy and cross-cultural management.

Fintech and Corporate Finance

This concentration focuses on combining information science and financial industry, and the impact of blockchain, artificial intelligence and other information science breakthroughs on financial science and technology. Under the leadership of Professor Yang Xiaolan, Zhijiang Youth of Zhejiang province, Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, and Professor Yuan Zhigang, distinguished professor of Shanghai International Studies University, it has carried out international cooperative research with the National University of Singapore based on Institute of Fintech and Behavioral Economics. Meanwhile, the team has published a large number of papers in JEBO, Management World and other high-level journals, and undertaken a large number of national scientific research projects and international cooperation projects.

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