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Relying on the advantages of management discipline in Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) for 30 years, the School of Business and Management (SBM) of SISU has persistently focusing on cultivating management talents with solid mathematical and physical knowledge, master scientific analysis methods, be familiar with the frontiers of disciplines, have the ability to solve problems in the field of management with emerging technologies, and have the ability of research, innovation and practice. By 2020,SBM has set up five majors: Business Administration (Digital Marketing and Global Management), Information Management and Information System (Data Science and Business Analysis), Public Relations (Digital Communications and Brand Management), Big Data Management and Application (Computational Finance and Quantitative Investment), Financial Management (Intelligent Accounting and Finance). Among them, the programs of Business Administration and Information Management and Information System have been listed into the national first-class undergraduate programs.

The undergraduate curriculum system is based on the principle of emphasizing the foundation, grasping the frontier and broadening the horizon and closely related to the application of new generation information technology in the field of economic management such as Information Science, Data Science, and Neuroscience. Besides, it is established in accordance with standardized orders and frontier. Referring to the modes of the top international business schools, such as Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the Scheller College of Business of Georgia Institute of Technology. The program has set up a two-stage curriculum system featuring thick foundation, wide caliber, strong ability and high quality”: Grade 1-2 is the Comprehensive Training Stage. In Grade 1-2, management methods module, econometrics module, mathematics foundation module and data science module are offered. At the end of the second grade, students can choose the concentration of their major. Grade 3-4 is the Professional Training Stage, which offers modules such as Digital Marketing and Global Management, Data Science and Business Analysis, Computational Finance and Financial Management, Digital Public Relations and Brand Management. Through continuous updating of the elective courses pool, the program is to promote the alignment of knowledge with professional frontiers. Continuous English Improvement System throughout the four years of university life takes advantage of SISU unparalleled language education to cultivate students' excellent English skills. Those who have higher learning ability are encouraged to learn more languages.

In addition to courses, SBM guides top-notch innovation and trains students' scientific research and practical abilities through the Academic Voyage Plan and Thinking Innovates Action and other programs. The four-year tutorial system provides sufficient institutional guarantee to build an interdisciplinary, cross-methodical and cross-industry talent training mode. Undergraduates would gradually enter the laboratory and become one of the main forces in scientific research. They are supposed to publish papers in SSCI/SCI, CSSCI and other academic journals and conferences. For example, undergraduate students of Information Management and Information System of the class of 2018 have published papers in journals affiliated to Nature Group in cooperation with their tutors. Students in the program have won 88 national awards such as Challenge Cup and National Mathematical Contest in Modeling for College Students, and 48 innovation and entrepreneurship projects funded by the Ministry of Education.

In the past three years, the undergraduate employment rate was above 95%, and there was no flexible employment for five consecutive years. The salary index of the graduates in 2020 ranks the ninth in China, and SBM has long been among the best in SISU. Twenty percent of the graduates successfully applied to the top 50 universities in the QS world, including MIT, Columbia University, Hopkins University and other world-class universities.

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