Career Development Center

SBM career development center adheres to the purpose of wholeheartedly serve students to grow up to talents, through the scientific and reasonable system of career development education, rich career development courses and individualized counselling, career development theme lectures, visits to employing units, ect., The professional development training mechanism has helped various levels of students such as college undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral degree, and the MBA students to set up the correct professional values, and guide students to strengthen the awareness of career planning, clarify career development goals, improve the overall quality of the workplace and job-hunting skills, so as to find the target position which matches their own interests, ability and quality.

In order to implement the concept of whole-process education, all-round education and whole-member education, the career development center carries out personalized career development education activities for different types of students. For example, for fresh graduates it carries out job guidance, career guidance, job security education activities. The center also bridges the communication between students and employers, takes the initiative to develop school-enterprise cooperation resources, actively contacts with enterprise employment consultation, and connects alumni enterprise recruitment, aiming at providing students with safe and high-quality employment services.

The career development center actively interacts with the alumni association and carries out all-round cooperation with the employing unit, including introducing high-quality enterprise resources, assisting the employing unit to set up the exclusive club for enterprises, establishing a good corporate image and establishing a talent pool. The center also holds resume design training, mock interview training and all kinds of competitions to effectively help students improve their comprehensive quality and job-hunting competitiveness; The college will hold a special job fair, open the through train for students to apply for jobs, attract high-quality talents for enterprises, and achieve win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises.

The career development center adhering to the service, integration, innovation concept, fully plays the leading role of career, actively docking high quality resources, and fully arouses the enthusiasm of enterprises and students, to strengthen the students' faith education with career development service, to take efforts to develop a compound management talents to meet the united demand of socialist modernization construction and employers.

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