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The management branch of the Alumni Association of Shanghai International Studies University (hereinafter referred to as the management branch) is a civil society organization composed by the graduates of management major or non-management major of Shanghai International Studies University who are currently engaged in management of all walks of life and other exchange students from home and abroad who voluntarily participate. The branch was founded on June 18, 2006, initiated and managed by the school of international business management.

The management branch aims to build up the precious friendship between the alumni and the Alma mater, encourage the alumni to carry forward the glorious tradition of the students' love and honor for the school, and serve as a bridge between the alumni of SBM and other business school alumni who are engaged in management work. The management branch actively promotes the value concept of management, innovation and practice of the manager, and exerts its own energy for the development of the Alma mater.

With the purpose of gathering alumni, developing together and the vision of helping each other to share and create value together, the management branch is dedicated to serving alumni and students. Since its establishment, it has set up a multi-dimensional organization network including students and graduates, built a multi-channel communication platform such as telephone, WeChat, microblog and email, and provided a variety of service projects such as lifelong learning opportunities, enterprise recruitment recommendation and career development support. At the same time, alumni also support education career by participating in public welfare projects, offering academic lectures, serving as external tutors and other forms.

The Council of Management Branches is composed of a group of middle and senior managers who have made great achievements in this field. Mr. Wei Zhe, Chairman of Jiayu Fund (Vision Knight Capital), former CEO of B&Q (China), is the chairman of the board of directors. MS.Wei Wei, former global partner of McKinsey & co., LTD., is the vice chairwoman.

The club will continue to connect with alumni resources, pool alumni strength, and provide support for the development of various students.

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