Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

Innovation and entrepreneurship is the theme and spirit of the time. SBM adheres to the school motto of Management Innovation and Practice, and carries it out by promoting students' innovative entrepreneurial training program in all work,and brings into full play the function and role of the innovation and entrepreneurship education by coordinating departments, schools, enterprises and all kinds of platforms, striving to build innovative entrepreneurship education point to face fusion, deepening teaching, field study, practice and project incubation in the integration of innovative entrepreneurship education ecosystem.

Undergraduate and academic postgraduate innovation & entrepreneurship education 

SBM attaches great importance to undergraduate and academic postgraduate innovation and entrepreneurship education, takes many measures to stimulate students' enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, and strives to promote students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability. By aperiodicity carrying out Executive Forum, thematic seminars, experience sharing conference, practice teaching, base construction, honor motivation and many other kinds of ways and means, on the one hand, we strengthens the students' creative consciousness and improves the students' innovation ability, on the other hand, takes efforts to build larger and more open innovative entrepreneurial stage for the students, to let active participants in the innovation entrepreneurship students better display their creative ability and the achievement, also helps the young students who will throw themselves into the in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship one step closer to target.

From 2013 to 2018, IBM students applied for 174 undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, and 132 national and municipal projects were approved, among which 73 were national projects and 59 were municipal projects in Shanghai, with more than 500 students participating.

MBA students' innovation & entrepreneurship educationMBA

The subject soul of business administration is entrepreneurship, and the essence of entrepreneurship lies in innovation. MBA graduates need to create jobs, not just crowd them out. The center encourages, supports and helps students to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, and provides a platform for entrepreneurial students to study, communicate, practice and develop. We encourages MBA students to take the initiative to merge MBA talents in different fields of industry and from different major backgrounds,bring into play the strengths of all parties and resources to realize the innovation of entrepreneurial opportunity identification and the design of the business modelSimultaneously we promotes the transformation of the practice of innovative entrepreneurial project achievements of interdisciplinarity, and the students' innovative entrepreneurial zeal and ability, to form compound creative entrepreneurial talents training mode with SISU characteristics.

The MBA program of SISU offers general courses of innovation and entrepreneurship with the characteristics of SISU. By means of irregular innovation and entrepreneurship lectures, successful entrepreneur experience sharing and exchange meetings, teaching cases and other ways, students' awareness and their ability of innovation and entrepreneurship is continuously enhanced. MBA students participating in a variety of innovative and entrepreneurial activities, such as innovation and entrepreneurship competition, is comprehensively organized and encourages so as to build a platform for students to demonstrate and promote entrepreneurship. For the high-quality seed project in the competition, it will have the opportunity to obtain the entrepreneurial fund of SISU MBA and the scientific and technological innovation fund and other funds to encourage students to implement the project in practice. In addition, SISU MBA has established a mentor database, which provides all-round guidance for students' innovation and entrepreneurship by employing entrepreneurship instructors and experts in the field of innovation both inside and outside the university. In addition, SISU MBA program also signed an agreement with Shanghai University Student Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation to launch Eagle Program and Young Eagle Program, providing support for entrepreneurial students in angel fund.

From 2016 to 2018, MBA students of School of Business & Management have participated in innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students for a total of 13 times, a total of 64 person-times. The major competitions they participated in include Creating Youth, Internet +, Bright Times, the First National MBA Entrepreneurship Competition of Foreign Trade and other innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. Won 1 national award and 4 provincial awards.

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