Case Library

The case library in SBM of SISU integrates excellent case resources, gives full play to the traditional advantages of languages, and is committed to collecting and developing multilingual cases with Chinese elements, building a platform for case teaching and research, and promoting teaching innovation.

The case library has the following features and advantages:

  • Multilingual: At present, the construction of multilingual case base at home and abroad is still blank. This project gives full play to the traditional language advantages of Shanghai and foreign countries to create multilingual international business management cases, which not only makes up for the domestic blank, but also helps promote the development and international communication of Chinese local management ideas.

  • Chinese elements: all aspects of the operation and management of Chinese enterprises are stamped with the marks of China. Through Chinese elements and their combination, the management wisdom and competitive wisdom of ancient Chinese culture as well as the ideal and pursuit of harmonious coexistence and the integration of heaven and man are conveyed. This case base selects the cases with typical Chinese elements to construct the unique concept and management mode of Chinese enterprises.

  • The case base includes research cases, teaching cases, and business cases. Use the case library to view case details by category browsing or by keyword retrieval.

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