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Relying on the advantages of management discipline in Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) for 30 years, the School of Business and Management (SBM) of SISU has persistently focusing on cultivating excellent undergraduate students, especially the management elites who have global vision as well as humanistic feelings, and enable to keep up with the frontier of disciplines and master scientific analysis methods, with the capacity to be innovative, practical and master the foreign languages. In 2019, Business Administration was included in the first batch of national first-class undergraduate program. 

The undergraduate curriculum system is based on the principle of emphasizing the foundation, grasping the frontier and broadening the horizon in the undergraduate program and closely related to the application of new generation information technology in the field of economic management such as big data, artificial intelligence, and brain cognition. Besides, it would be established in accordance with standardized orders and frontier. Referring to the modes of the top international business schools, such as Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the Schleser business school of Georgia Institute of Technology. The curriculum modules could be classified as follow: Understanding the Basics, Management Foundation, Management Breadth and Management Depth, which helps students consolidate the foundation of economics, management, mathematics, computer science and other discipline basis and in turn builds a professional structure based on large-scale training and proficient in the forefront of disciplines.

SBM has set up four majors: Business Administration(Digital Marketing and Global Management), Public Relations (Digital PR and Brand Management), Information Management and Information System (Data Science and Business Analysis), Big Data Management and Application (Computational Finance and Financial Management). Big Data Management and Application is a new major set up in 2020. Students take a unified large-scale platform course from the first to fourth semesters, and lay a solid foundation for the subsequent professional learning stage through the training of four modules: economics and management basis, quantitative calculation, information and computer technology and English proficiency. In the fifth semester, the special is divided. Students can choose any professional direction of the college according to their interests to achieve the goal of wide-calibre, thick foundation, high quality and strong ability. In the fifth semester, students will choose and study the Management Depth courses according to their personal interests. In this way, SBM achieves the goal of wide-calibre, thick foundation, high-quality and strong ability talent training. In addition, SBM also has a selection mechanism for innovative talent enhancement class to further strengthen students' academic research capabilities.

SBM attaches great importance to improving students' global competitiveness in all aspects. With the compelling advantage of English teaching in English Teaching Department, the leaners' ability to master English language is dramatically improved throughout the marvelous English learning systems designed by the Department. SBM students have solid English foundation and could performance well in terms of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation or interpretation. Their basic level has reached TEM-4, their advanced level has reached TEM-8, and their passing rate ranks high in SISU. Students have the opportunity to take French, German, Spanish, Japanese and other second foreign languages, which definitely enables them to adapt to the foreign language environment rapidly either studying abroad or working in the multinationals after graduation.

SBM multi-dimensional training model has been highly recognized by all sectors of society. Many undergraduates have been accepted by University of Pennsylvania, New York University, University of Washington, Johns Hopkins University, University of Rochester, Duke University, University of Southern California, Emory University, University of Birmingham, London School of Economics, Edinburgh University, University of Leeds , University of St Andrews, University of Bristol, University of Queensland, University of Grenoble, Nanyang Technological University, University of Melbourne and other world-renowned universities. Some undergraduates and postgraduates are admitted to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University Universities, Peking University, Shanghai International Studies University and other well-known domestic universities continue to study and achieve seamless connection with internationally renowned universities’ master and doctoral programs. SBM ranks among the top 5 in the US Gallup employment rankings throughout the year. According to the Gaokao.com statistics, the average salary of business administration graduates in five years ranks first in all universities in China. Graduates are often employed by foreign institutions in China, Internet companies like Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, etc., multinational companies like McKinsey, Boston Consulting, Morgan Stanley, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, L’Oréal, etc., the Big Four accounting firms (KPMG, Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)), Foreign banks like Citibank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Bank of China, etc., and other enterprises and public institutions.  

Big Data Management and Application (Computational Finance and Financial Management)

This major aims to cultivate compound talents who can master the basic theories of financial management, be familiar with big data management techniques and methods, proficient in computer programming languages, and be good at using artificial intelligence algorithms for quantitative analysis. In a word, graduate in this major shall be qualified in understanding data, understanding finance, knowing finance, and good management and should bear the characteristic of managing big data as well as applying big data in management. Under the guidance of the training concept of wide-calibre, thick foundation, high-quality, and strong ability, SBM adopts a model of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, adopts a inter-disciplinary  curriculum teaching system, gives full play to the SISU's multilingual + advantages, and cultivates financial management elites who stand at the frontiers of subjects,   master scientific methods, and possess both computer programming ability, innovation ability and foreign language expertise. Graduates of this major can choose financial technology, financial management, computer science, business data analysis and other related fields to study for master's and doctoral degrees in well-known universities at home and abroad. They can also meet the needs of the financial sector and other computing finance-related companies that have high requirements for quantitative and technology. They are proficient in using the knowledge they have learned to solve machine learning and artificial intelligence, big data analysis and mining, Internet finance, intelligent investment and risk management, lending and corporate financial innovation, practical problems in blockchain finance and other fields. And they can be competent for related work and lead the future development of financial technology and smart financial industry.

The training program emphasizes the application of computer science and technology represented by big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence in the financial field. The core courses include Big Data Analysis and Mining, Blockchain Technology and Application, Artificial Intelligence Principle and Application, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing, Business Intelligence and Decision-making System Support, Security Investment, Behavioral Finance and Quantitative Investment Strategy, Derivative Financial Tool, International Finance, Financial Data Analysis and Programming, Financial Statement Analysis, Advanced Financial Management, etc.

Information Management and Information System (Data Science and Business Analysis)

This major focuses on the application of a new generation of information technology represented by big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and brain cognition in the field of economic management, and aims to cultivate high-end compound management talents who can meet the development needs of the era of big data and artificial intelligence. Through the integration of computer science, big data analysis technology, intelligent science and technology, statistics, management and other high-tech theories, methods and tools, SBM cultivates students' solid mathematical foundation and application ability, so that they have the theoretical basis of modern management, can skillfully use a variety of modern mainstream computer programming languages and big data analysis software tools, and become a high-end compound talent who understands both management and technology.

This major also lays a solid foundation for students to continue to pursue master's and doctoral degrees in management science and engineering, computer, statistics, business analysis, data science, and financial technology in well-known universities at home and abroad after graduation. After graduation, students can engage in big data analysis and management, business intelligence and analysis, IT consulting and management in the informatization departments, data support departments, intelligent decision-making departments of the government and enterprises and institutions, as well as the world's top 500 companies, especially Internet and artificial intelligence technology companies. 

The training program emphasizes mathematical foundation and computer technology foundation. The core courses include Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming, Data Mining, APP Programming and Management Practice, Big Data Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Data Structure, Information Retrieval Technology, Computing and Multimedia Technology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Data Visualization, Database Foundation, Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Production, etc.

Business Management (Digital Marketing and Global Management)

Under the background of digital economy, this major integrates new technologies into traditional business management, adapts to the needs of the era of consumption upgrade, interconnection, sharing economy and business 3.0, and cultivates interdisciplinary and global comprehensive talents with new ideas and new models. Based on a solid mathematical and language foundation, this major integrates cutting-edge theories and technologies such as artificial intelligence, statistics, and brain science to deliver knowledge in digital marketing such as network and mobile marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and business experiments and aims to cultivate compound talents with teamwork ability, leadership and business ethics, and able to adapt to the management needs of various international companies under the Internet background. After graduation, students can engage in enterprise digital management reconstruction, business data analysis and decision-making, management consulting, etc. in various enterprises, government departments, and public institutions, and can also provide support for innovation and entrepreneurship and coping with many complex challenges. This major lays a solid foundation for students to study for master's and doctoral degrees in related majors in the future. Students can choose management, economics, computer, statistics, financial technology, data science, business analysis, etc. to pursue master's and doctoral degrees. The 5-year graduate salary of this major ranks first in Shanghai.

This major was selected into the first batch of national first-class undergraduate majors, and the training program emphasizes mathematics, economics and computer foundation. The core courses include Marketing, Financial Management, Operation Management, Transnational Financial Management, Data Mining, Big Data Analysis, Data Visualization.

Public Relations (Digital PR and Brand Management)

This major aims to cultivate high-end compound talents who can master the basic theories and professional skills of public relations, with a good global vision and humanistic feelings, proficient in English, and good at planning, communication, and skills. These talents can use cutting-edge technologies such as big data analysis in the English language environment to engage in public relations management work, and can meet the public relations management needs of multinational companies, international public relations companies, and government foreign-related departments.

Over the years, the overseas study rate of students of this major is about 35%. Graduates are mainly engaged in information dissemination, image management, media relations, brand promotion, marketing planning, crisis communication and other related work in Fortune 500 companies while some graduates go abroad for postgraduate studies or become civil servant. Undergraduate admission scores and employment salaries rank first in domestic public relations majors, and the overall major strengths ranks in the forefront of the same majors in domestic universities.

Relying on SISU’s foreign language advantages, students need to take TEM4 and TEM8. Relying on SBM's business disciplinary advantages, students should systematically study economics, mathematics, and computer knowledge. The core courses include Introduction to Communication, Introduction to Public Relations, Public Relations Language and Writing, Social Network Analysis, Public Policy and Topic Processing, Experimental Psychology, CI Design and Organizational Culture, Public Relations Planning and Event Marketing, Crisis Management, Public Relations Case Studies , Social Media and Communication Regulations, Computational Communication, Information Retrieval Technology, Digital Video and Sound Production Technology, Mainstream Public Opinion Intelligent Analysis Practice, User Portrait and Precision Marketing, Data Visualization, Internet Word of Mouth Management and Technology, Brand Narrative and Reputation Management, etc.

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