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Four years ago, SBM began implementing the Excellent Management Talent Program for major enrollment and training. In 2022, in response to the development trend of data science and intelligent science, it upgraded and launched the Digital Intelligent Management Talent Training Plan 2.0 Edition.

The rapid development of data science and intelligent science and technology continues to change social forms and drive disruptive changes in management models. In response to the requirements of the digital intelligence transformation in management talent cultivation, the undergraduate program of SBM aims to cultivate outstanding composite talents with a solid foundation in digital intelligence, proficiency in business analysis, mastery of the forefront of disciplines, and continuous innovation ability.

Adhering to the concept of no borders in talent cultivation, SBM, relying on the Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence for Information Behavior (BMIB), will transform its undergraduate majors into digital and intelligent ones: Business Administration (Digital Marketing and Global Management), Financial Management (Intelligent Accounting and Intelligent Finance), Marketing (Big Data and Intelligent Marketing), Public Relations (New Technology and Convergence Media Management), Information Management and Information Systems (Data Science and Business Analysis), Big Data Management and Application (Digital Finance and Quantitative Investment).

SBM is committed to cultivating future leading talents in enterprises, shaping scientific exploration and innovation capabilities, and adopting a crisscross training model:

1. Constructing a knowledge system for Digital Intelligent courses based on the horizontal axis of continuous updating of student knowledge. Students are enrolled regardless of their major to strengthen the foundation of management, mathematics, information, and research in grades 1-2; At the end of the sophomore year, they independently chose the major direction within the category based on interests and wishes. From grades 3 to 4, students enter the professional training program. After completing the core courses, they will learn module courses such as digital transformation, smart management, smart accounting, smart finance, digital marketing, smart marketing, smart technology, media management, data science, artificial intelligence, digital finance, and quantitative investment according to their professional direction. In addition, students can also choose courses of interest from the continuously updated elective course pool of SBM to build a personalized knowledge system.

2. Constructing four planning systems for shaping integrated abilities with the vertical axis of continuous improvement of students' abilities. Among them, the Digital Intelligence Improvement Plan cultivates data science application abilities through systematic training, the Academic Sailing Plan cultivates scientific research and creative abilities through participation in scientific research projects, the Thinking Innovation Plan cultivates sustainable innovation and development abilities through participation in entrepreneurship and innovation projects, and the Remarkable Language Plan cultivates global competence through foreign language learning and internationalization projects. In addition, SBM also equips students with an academic mentor team and establishes a four-year capability improvement guarantee mechanism.

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