Institute of Intelligent Operation and Supply Chain management


As China has gradually entered the new normal of economic development and the digital era, the importance of operation and supply chain management has become increasingly prominent, and it is also facing new challenges and tasks. Operation and Supply chain management can improve the overall operation efficiency of the enterprise and its supply chain network by optimizing the internal and external operation processes and operation strategies.

The Institute of Intelligent Operation and Supply Chain Management (ISCM) is a small but elite, and multidisciplinary team based on the School of Business and Management of Shanghai International Studies University. Featuring on multi-type data and information dialysis of consumer, enterprise, industry and supply chain, intelligent optimization decision, complex algorithm and simulation, the institute focuses on enterprise operation, supply chain channel integration, supply chain finance and other decision-making and management issues.  

Members uphold the down-to-earth, ambitious research attitude, keep up with the rapidly changing market demand, and constantly change the business model with an increasingly fierce competitive environment, explore markets at home and abroad to meet the new changes within an enterprise and between enterprises operating strategy and supply chain coordination strategy, in order to solve major theoretical and technical problems in operations and supply chain areas, and contribute to the efficiency optimization and sustainable development of Chinese society and enterprises.

Members have published almost 40 papers in important journals at home and abroad such as Management Science, Production and Operations Management, OMGA-International Journal of Management Science. They have undertaken many important research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Social Science Foundation of China in recent five years.

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