Institute of Intelligent Response for Disaster and Crisis


Based on the research of crisis response and information systems, Institute of Intelligent Response for Disaster and Crisis focuses on exploring the response mechanisms and laws of frequent disasters, security accidents, social risks and other crises from a management perspective, providing support forgovernment and enterprise crisis decision-making, and continuously strengthening and improving the construction of the national comprehensive management system; Develop a crisis management discipline system with big data, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science experiments as the main technical means, revealing new models, mechanisms, and mechanisms of crisis management in the Internet era.

The main research directions of the research institute include: AI value alignment, natural disaster management, sudden public health event management, public safety management, social risk management, production safety management, enterprise crisis management, etc.

The institute has established cooperative relationships with ISCRAM Association, the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands, Delft Institute of Technology and the DECIS Laboratory, the University of Hawaii in the United States, the State University of New Jersey in the United States, and the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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