Institute of Decision Neuroscience


  Relying on the Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence for Information Behavior (BMIB), the Institute of Decision Neuroscience was established to explore the  root causes of users' behaviors in the process of management decision-making and making and to reveal the black box process behind decision-making behavior with the combination of the multidisciplinary theories and methods of management, economics, cognitive neuroscience, consumer behavior, etc., and finally provide scientific guidance for optimizing enterprise management decisions and improving management efficiency.

The Institute attracts advanced talents from well-known universities at home and abroad such as the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Tsinghua University, etc., and has long been engaged in research on user behavior, management decision-making and neurology. The institute has undertaken important scientific research projects such as the 2030 National Major Science and Technology Innovation Project, the National Natural Science Project, National Self-discipline Project, Consulting Research Project of Chinese Academy of Engineering and other important research projects, and has published more than 100 papers in the internationally influential journals such as NeuroimageScientific ReportsHuman Brain MappingFrontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.

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