Institute of Data Sciences and Intelligent Decision Making


Relying on the Key Laboratory of Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the Institute of Data Sciences and Intelligent Decision Making was established in 2019. With the aim to meet the major  strategic need of  the national and Shanghai big data, artificial intelligence application and meet  the development needs of big data industry, the institute members are dedicated to research in the field of information management and business decision-making that is conducive to the sustainable development of society and business and interdisciplinary fields of frontier science and technology, to make contributions to solving major scientific and technical problems in this field, and strive to become a high-level research institute in the field of big data intelligent decision-making. Combined with research methods and tools in information science, operations research, statistics, user behavior, decision science, etc., the institute explores how to help decision-makers in the business field make decisions more scientifically, systematically and efficiently based on the business analysis of big data.

The institute members have been engaged in the research of artificial intelligence, data science and decision optimization for a long time, and have published more than 30 papers in top and authoritative journals at home and abroad, such as INFORMS Journal on Computing, Decision Sciences, Decision Support Systems, Information Processing & Management. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data, Management Science, Systems Engineering Theory and Practice. Theirscientific research projects have been supported by many major research fund such as the National Natural Science Fund and Beijing Social Science Fund in the past five years. And their research achievement has been applied to China Mobile, China Telecom, Dianping and other well-known domestic enterprises.

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