The Announcment for Winners of 2018 SBM Graduate Scholarship


After the individual application, the publication of material deeds, the preliminary examination of the qualification for participation and the examination of the committee, the list of winners of the 2018 graduate academic scholarship of School of International Business Management is published. Please see the attachment for the specific results. List of Winners of 2018 SBM Graduate Scholarship.xls.xls

The public notice period will last from October 29 (Monday) to November 1 (Thursday). If you have any objection, please inform the review committee by phone, email or written form before 16:00 on November 1 (Thursday). Any delay will not be accepted.

Contact person: Mr. Li

Contact number: 021-67701640, 18801928659

Acceptance email:

School of International Business Management

Shanghai International Studies University

Graduate Scholarship Review Committee

October 29, 2018

550 Dalian Road (W), Shanghai 200083, China
1550 Wenxiang Road, Shanghai 201620, China