Prof. Peter Ping Li: The Way of Integration of Knowledge and Action in Academic Research Management: Combining the Distinctive Paths of Drucker and March


Time: December 10, 2018 (Monday) 9:00

Venue: Room 220, Building No.2, Songjiang Campus

Speaker: Peter Ping Li, Li-Dasan Chair Professor, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China

Host: Professor Su Zongwei

Topic: The way of integration of knowledge and action in academic research management: combining the distinctive paths of drucker and march


At present, more and more management researchers and practitioners feel a huge gap exists between management theory and practice. On the basis of discussing the relationship between theory (knowledge) and practice (action), this paper analyzes the reasons for the separation of theory and practice, and points out the two dilemmas of only knowledge but no action and actions still need knowledge. Meanwhile, based on the path analysis of the management research roads of Drucker and March, this paper believes that the roads of Drucker and March can be integrated, and a third road of eliminating the huge gap between management theory and practice can be realized, that is, to manage the integration of knowledge and action in academic research. In addition, relying on the principle of yin-yang balance, this paper proposes to improve the integration of knowledge and action of academic research by reconstructing the study paradigm, reconstructing evaluation criteria, reshaping application-oriented business schools, and consolidating philosophical foundations. Based on the coupling analysis of asymmetric dynamics of practice and theory, this paper advocates a co-engaged research which needs to be focused on.

Guest Speaker:

Peter Ping Li is the Li-Dasan Chair Professor of International Business, Nottingham University Business School China. He also serves as Research Director in the Greater China Region of Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL). He is a Tenured Professor of Chinese Business Studies at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Before joining CBS, he was a full-time Tenured Professor of international business management at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and Professor of Management at California State University. He has won research grants with a total of over USD 5.65 million, including the recently-won CNY 3 million grants for 2017 Chinese National Science Foundation Major Project.

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