Specific Activities Donations


Special Fund Donation Projects

Donation ContentTo set up a special fund named for a specific project. Such as scientific research innovation fund, academic exchange fund, student innovation and entrepreneurship fund.

i.Research Innovation Fund

Support teachers and students in scientific innovation and innovative projects.

ii.Academic Exchange Fund

Support outstanding teachers to study abroad, give lectures and attend international academic conferences; Invite well-known scholars to visit the university and give lectures; subsidize students to participate in international academic exchanges.

ii.Student Innovation Entrepreneurship Fund

Provide conditions and platforms for students' innovation entrepreneurship activities.

Special fund naming conditionsContributions should not be less than 100,000 yuan.

Student Association Activity Category Donation Project

Donation ContentSupport the construction of student associations and activities with funds or material objects.

Donation funds or goods and forms of appreciation can be determined by negotiation in accordance with the school regulations.

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