Teaching & Research Donations


Laboratories, Research Centers or Research Institutes Projects

Donation ContentDonations to laboratories, research centers or research institutes of the university or college may be made in different forms, such as funds and materials.

Depending on the circumstances of the donation, the donor may negotiate to obtain the corresponding naming right, nameplate commemoration or other forms of acknowledgement.

Naming ConditionsThe amount of the donation shall not be less than the total investment of the laboratory, research center or research institute (converted into the donation price in the current year).

Donations that do not meet the corresponding naming requirements may be recognized by nameplate or other forms through negotiation.

Talent Donation Projects

Donation ContentDonate on serving the construction and development of colleges and universities, and contributing to the positions of talents needed.

Naming ConditionsAt least one post shall be donated for 3 consecutive years, and the annual donation shall not be lower than the salary level stipulated by the personnel department.

Teacher and Student Granting Projects

Donation ContentGrant donations shall be made in the form of funds or in kind to teachers or students who meet certain conditions.

i. Student Award Program

1. Scholarship

Award outstanding students and encourage their academic progress

2. Fellowship

Subsidize poor students to finish their studies. Assistance shall be provided to students on campus who are in danger or special economic difficulties.

ii. Supporting teacher projects

1.Welliver Faculty Fellowship

To reward outstanding teachers who have made outstanding achievements in academic and teaching.

2.Teaching Assistantship

Assistance shall be provided to the teaching and working staff in case of emergency and economic difficulties.

Special grant gold crown conditionsDonations should not be less than 100,000 yuan, can be named to set up relevant special awards (aid) scholarship and scholarship (aid) teaching fund.

Donations in the grant category that do not meet the corresponding naming requirements may be acknowledged in other forms through negotiation.

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