Alumni Event | MarkSimos, a Business Simulation Widely Acknowledged by Fortune 500, Now Open to MBA Students for Free


On October 27th, the SISU MBA Career Development Center will arrange a nine-to-five Work Day for students, where you will be paid high salaries to take over a well-profited company with a management team of 4 to 5 people. You will meet with your team mates when you arrive, together to lead several companies (3-5)to compete in a consumer goods market.

That is how the well-acclaimed business simulation MarkSimo works.

Time: October 27th (Saturday), 9:00-17:00
Venue: Room 101-103, Building 6, SISU Hongkou Campus

Registration: MBA students shall register at Activity on the platform
 *Please bring your own laptops

 - What is MarkSimos -

MarkSimos is the world's first online business simulation based on emerging market data and developed by a world-class R&D team, enabling business simulation practices across time and space around the world.

MarkSimos facilitates a high degree of collaboration where team members and competing teams can learn from one another. In the simulated environment, participants also need to jump into the shoes of other roles, i.e. CEO, the management, front line departments, channel partners and even the customers'. In this way, participants can gain better perspective of how business is being run and why certain decisions are being made, hence elevating the participant’s business acumen, interdisciplinary learning skills and innovative thinking. The fast paced simulation also challenges the participants in terms of the ability to learn quickly and think strategically. MarkSimos is designed to create business leaders with global vision and to build star teams.

How to Play MarkSimos?

"Computer Simulation"

Participants of each set of simulation are divided into teams, with 4-6 members per team.

Each team plays a management team of a virtual company.

Each company in the simulation will produce and sell the same product category.

Each team may assign its members to different roles and positions.

Each set of simulation consists of 4-6 rounds of decision-making based on the real-market changes within 1-2 years.

Key decisions to be made include those at strategic, operational, and resource allocation levels:

1. Segmentation

2. Brand positioning

3. Product portfolio

4. Demand Forecasting

5. Pricing

6. Advertising

7. Promotion

8. Teamwork

"Online Decision-making"

Company A

Company B

Company C

Company D

Company E

Computer-simulated Market and Consumers


"Summary and Review"

In-group Discussion and Analysis

Make Decisions Online

Teacher’s Feedback

Adjust Strategy and Make Decisions (4-5 rounds)

In-group Review and Analysis

Online Experience-sharing Session

Through MarkSimos, participants are encouraged to create a CEO perspective and develop relevant skills based on different course modules.

 Learning Outcomes

 Ultimate Goal: to think like a CEO
 • a well-rounded view and systematic thinking based on the company's overall operations;
 • Business awareness and scientific decision-making awareness based on strategic objectives;
 • Strategic Leadership
 - Strategic planning and the ability to sustain a company's operations;
 - Ability to cooperate, coordinate, and communicate between each strategic unit/team;
 • The ability to make scientific decisions through rational analysis.

Specific Benefits: to make decisions like a CEO
 • Capabilities to analyze and apply data based on business strategy (insights);
 • Target-oriented and a holistic view of strategic synergies across sectors;
 • Sensitivity to market changes and awareness of competitive strategy;
 • Accuracy of execution.

Guest Profile

Zhao Gang
 • IBM GBS Digital Transformation senior management consultant
 • Ernst & Young Organization and Leadership Development Team consultant
 • Organizational Strategy and Development consultant
 • Transformation Management specialist
 • Leadership training specialist and private trainer
 • Sales skills and performance management consulting specialist and consultant

Zhao Gang has 18 years of training and consulting experience. In 1996, he participated in the management training program of the Lutton School of Management of Cambridge University. Since 1997, he has been a part-time trainer/consultant within organizations and a full-time management trainer and training manager within organizations. He served in one of the top international training and consulting organizations between 1999 and 2004.

Mr. Zhao is currently a senior management consultant with the IBM GBS DT Team (formerly S&C Organization Strategy and Transformation Team). He mainly focuses on consulting projects and training programs in organizational strategy and transformation management, leadership, sales, sales team management and customer service. He has over 25 years of experience in sales and team management, as well as experience in project planning, strategic consulting and operation of organizational learning and development projects including leadership development projects, sales expert development system, project management, process development and project implementation.

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