Dr. Yan Zhihua: Internet Public Opinion and Crisis Management


Time: October 25, 2018 (Thursday) 14:50

Venue: Room 220, Building No.2, Songjiang Campus

Speaker: Dr. Yan Zhihua, senior journalist

Host: Yang Chen, Associate Professor

Topic: Internet public opinion and crisis management


How to understand the complex relationship between online public opinion and offline reality? How does public opinion form and in which direction will it go? Is it possible to be informed in real-time of the dynamics of public opinion with the help of related software? In addition to answering the above questions, this lecture will also exchange ideas with you about the transformation of the communication pattern behind the network public opinion, as well as the strategies and methods for monitoring the big data of public opinion and dealing with the crisis of network public opinion.

Guest Speaker:

Yan Zhihua, senior journalist, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Province Zijin Media Think Tank, member of the Public Opinion Committee of the Public Opinion Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and researcher of the Institute of Public Opinion and Crisis Management of Nanjing Normal University. Mr. Yan is also the founder of the journal Jiangsu Internet Public Opinion. He was recognized as the Outstanding Individual of Jiangsu Province Press and Publication Industry.

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