Institute of Fintech and Behavioral Economics


Relying on the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences, and the Key Laboratory of Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the Institute of Fintech and Behavioral Economics was established to explore the application of big data, machine learning, and cognitive science in the financial field. By adopting interdisciplinary methods such as big data analysis, behavioral experiments and neuroscience experiments, the institute has deeply understood the cognitive mechanism of financial decision-making in the context of the integration of technology and finance in the era of big data, providing theoretical support for enterprises, financial institutions and investors to make financial decisions.

The institute attracts 1 Shanghai Leading Talent, 1 Shanghai Dawn Scholar, 1 Zhejiang Zhijiang Youth, and other outstanding scholars to research on fintech, behavioral finance, corporate finance and related aspects. The team members have published more than 50 papers in important domestic and foreign journals such as Journal of Management Information System, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Management World, Journal of Management Science and have undertaken important scientific research projects such as the national natural science project and the humanities and social science project of the ministry of education in the past five years.

550 Dalian Road (W), Shanghai 200083, China
1550 Wenxiang Road, Shanghai 201620, China