Institute of Cross-Cultural Management


The Institute of Cross-Cultural Management at Shanghai international studies university (SISU) integrates production, learning and research, keeps close cooperation with the government, enterprises and associations, and always provides high-level intercultural research, professional consultation and training services for the whole society. At present, the institute is continuing to carry out research on key national social science issues, and to develop and build an intercultural big data platform for Chinese enterprises to go global. At the same time, courses of inter-cultural management are offered to cultivate the doctoral and master students (Corporate Strategy and Intercultural Management oriented) in the first-level discipline of the doctoral program of business administration. The institute also edits and publishes the journal of Intercultural Management, which is the only academic publication focused on intercultural theoretical research in China, and has been published twice a year since 2012. In addition, the institute compiles and publishes Report on Intercultural Management The institute has a major national social science expert, Shanghai dawn scholar”. The institute has a major national social science expert, Shanghai dawn scholar”. Every five years. It has hosted the International Symposium on Intercultural Management every two years since 2011, inviting experts and scholars from the field of intercultural management at home and abroad to discuss the frontier issues of intercultural management.

The institute attracts key national social science experts and Shanghai Dawn Scholars. It has long been engaged in the research on intercultural management, Chinese management model, enterprise operation system environment and related fields. Team members have published more than 50 papers in important domestic and foreign journals such as Management World, Journal of Management, Economic Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Change Management and have undertaken important scientific research projects such as the national natural science project and the humanities and social science project of the ministry of education in the past five years.

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