AI and Data Science Application Center


AI and Data Science Application Center, formerly known as the ERP laboratory, was built in 2007. In recent years, with the arrival of the era of big data, the laboratory has merged the related technologies of artificial intelligence and big data analysis, and officially changed its name to LAAID. The center conducts research on business model innovation and problems in enterprise practice, and explores cutting-edge AI technologies, machine learning and deep learning methods, big data statistics and measurement methods, which can support cross-research and application innovation in medical health, finance, education, engineering, agriculture and other fields.

The center has 4 computing node servers, 3 management node servers, 2 switches, 60 sets of student terminal PC and 1 set of teacher terminal PC. In terms of software, it has built teaching management platform, cloud computing experiment platform, artificial intelligence and data analysis platform and data visualization system. The center has carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with big data enterprises such as Shenzhou Taiyue, Google, and Cloudera, and conducted teaching practice and scientific research training based on the actual combat environment of the industry and enterprises.

The center has various talent plans, including Shanghai One Thousand Plan , MOE New Century Talent Support Plan, Shanghai Orientalist distinguished professor, Shanghai Dawn Scholars , and the funding plan for cultivation of young teachers in Shanghai universities. In addition, the laboratory has introduced many overseas doctoral teachers. Faculties in the laboratory have published more than 50 papers in journals like MISQ, Information & Management, Scientometrics and other famous international journals, and have undertaken important scientific research projects such as the national natural science project and the humanities and social science project of the ministry of education in the past five years.

550 Dalian Road (W), Shanghai 200083, China
1550 Wenxiang Road, Shanghai 201620, China