SISU MBA program was awarded the "Outstanding Comprehensive MBA in Business Education in 2023" by China Central Radio and Television Network


On December 2nd, the 2023 CCTV MBA Education Annual Conference and Management Power Forum, hosted by CCTV and hosted by China MBA Education Network, was held in Beijing. Leading figures in business education from various schools, representatives from universities, alumni, and others jointly participated in the grand event, focusing on the theme of "the power of management", and conducting in-depth observations of China's business education from multiple perspectives and forward-looking perspectives, injecting new ideas, new impetus, and new momentum into promoting the development of business education in the new era.

To inspire outstanding leaders in business education who adhere to the original intention of MBA education, continuously transform and innovate, and build industry influence, the conference has issued multiple honorary awards. SISU MBA program has been deeply rooted in the field of business for many years, with a focus on strengthening the construction of business education. Adhering to the educational philosophy of education based on education, it constantly innovates and changes at the forefront, and contributes to social development with new thinking and new achievements in the digital age. It was awarded the "Outstanding Comprehensive MBA in Business Education in 2023".

Resonant with the development and changes of the times, using innovation and change to support the development of business, telling the story of China's local culture well, and spreading the voice of Chinese business. This meeting gathered the strength of management, based on the development practice of business education,  discussed how to achieve the development of MBA education with Chinese characteristics, deepen the comprehensive reform of MBA education training system, comprehensively improve the quality of talent independent training, serve national and local economic and social construction, conduct wisdom collision and experience sharing, jointly explore the innovative development concept and action of MBA education in the new era, and contribute the wisdom and strength of management to the high-quality development of China's business education.

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