The students from SBM achieved their best performance in history in the "Zhixing Cup" competition!


 Recently, the 2023 "Knowledge and Action Cup" Shanghai University Student Social Practice Competition, jointly organized by the Youth League Municipal Committee, the Municipal Party Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Education Commission, the Municipal Spiritual Civilization Office, the Municipal People's Congress Social Committee, the Municipal Cooperative Law Committee, and the Municipal Student Federation, came to an end. Through the application of the practical team, the school's review and recommendation, and the evaluation of the city level semi-finals and finals, the student from SBM won one second prize and one third prize, achieving a new breakthrough in academic performance.

Second Prize

Multiplying by numbers, rural digital e-commerce activates new momentum for Sichuan goods to go out to sea

Person in charge: Mou Yulan

Project members: Chen Ying, Zhang Jipeng, Zhang Jiale, Jin Qucheng, Zhou Yuhan, Zhou Yuwen, Liu Qingsong, Liu Yilin, Zhan Xilin, Kong Chenzhou

Guidance teachers: Wang Li, Qi Le

Project Introduction:     

     The team conducted research in cities such as Luzhou, Mianyang, and Neijiang in Sichuan Province, using an interdisciplinary perspective to investigate the situation in universities, government agencies, enterprises, parks, and rural areas. They actively leveraged the multilingual advantages of SISU, fully utilized the digital research platform of SBM, improved the development level of rural digital e-commerce, promoted the export of Sichuan goods to the sea, and empowered new business forms and employment opportunities in rural areas. The practice team has been selected as a national key team for the 2023 National College and Vocational College Student Volunteer Summer Cultural, Technological, and Health "Three Down to the Countryside" Social Practice Activity, as well as a national demonstration team for the rural revitalization "Duxing Plan" special action of the National College and Vocational College Student "Three Down to the Countryside" Social Practice Activity. The related activities have been promoted and reported on more than 20 media platforms, including People's Daily, Learning Strong Country, and China Youth Network.

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