Two courses from SBM have been selected for the 2023 Shanghai University Municipal Key Course Project List


Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission issued a notice on the announcement of the list of approved municipal key courses for Shanghai universities in 2023 (Shanghai Education Commission Gao [2023] No. 38), and two courses of SBM were selected as a new batch of municipal key courses for Shanghai universities. A total of 17 courses in SISU have been approved for project approval. Among them, the core professional course "Data Mining" led by Professor Song Yan and the basic professional course "Management Psychology" led by Professor Meng Liang were successfully approved. As of now, SBM has 10 key courses at the municipal level in Shanghai universities.

 Introduction to the "Data Mining" Course

Course code: 2.172.0013

Course category: Professional core courses

Teaching team: Song Yan, Guo Shanshan, Zhu Xinyu

      The "Data Mining" course at SISU SBM was first offered by our course team. This course is an important core course for undergraduate students in the field of management to learn data analysis technology. During the construction process, it has successively received support from the school level high-quality course construction project, the school course "ideological and political chain" project, the Shanghai University Computer Course Teaching Reform Project, and the Ministry of Education's Industry University Research Cooperation Project. Based on this, it has won the National Teaching Achievement Second Prize and the Shanghai Teaching Achievement Special Prize (the transformation and practice of cultivating digital and intelligent management talents through "strong foundation, new integration, and Chongde"), The editor in chief published the textbook "Management Modeling and Simulation - Based on Python Language".

    Introduction to the Course of Management Psychology

    Course code: 23241.2.170.0039

    Course category: Professional Basic Courses

    Teaching team: Meng Liang, Hu Biyun, Wang Ruosi

Management psychology, also known as industrial and organizational psychology, is a discipline that applies the principles and methods of psychology to study the psychological phenomena, processes, and laws of individuals in organizational management activities, in order to improve organizational and personal efficiency. It is also a discipline that studies how to maximize employee motivation and creativity, and enhance their personal well-being. Its research content is based on individual psychological activities and radiates to related issues at the behavioral and organizational levels. The main content of the course includes introduction, individual differences, attitudes and emotions at work, perception and decision-making in organizations, work motivation and motivation, work design, work reshaping, team management, leadership behavior, upward management, etc.

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