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On July 3, the reporter learned from SISU that SBM broke the space-time and regional restrictions caused by the epidemic, and presented a youth festival for the 2022 graduates and their relatives and friends in the world of metaverse. It is reported that SISU is the first business school in China to implant the metaverse technology into the graduation ceremony.

Picture 1 Group Photo of Teachers and Students

One of the highlights of this graduation ceremony is to restore the offline graduation ceremony in a relatively real digital simulation venue. After registering in the cloud building conference system, the SBM faculties, students and visiting relatives and friends can let their "digital avatars" participate in the ceremony in the simulation venue from a real perspective, and experience the graduation ceremony process and venue interaction in the whole process, especially immersive experiences such as certificate awarding, tassel turning, photo taking, etc., leaving no regrets in the memory of youth. Lu Jiaqi, an outstanding graduate of Shanghai, told the reporter that when her "digital avatar" participated in such interactive links as message, applause and praise, the sense of substitution that resonated with more than 300 people on the same frequency and the experience that complements reality and falsehood made her unforgettable all her life. Wang Lili, the representative of MBA graduates, left a message on the ceremony line saying, "We love SISU! We love the SBM!", Joy and gratitude are expressed in words. After the ceremony, the SBM dean Pan Yu led the faculties attending the ceremony to the front desk to take a group photo with the graduates.

Picture 2. Representatives of outstanding alumni speak

According to Professor Pan Yu, Dean of SBM, this is the first batch of students in China to be awarded degrees in the meta cosmic scene. This year's graduates suffer a lot difficulties. Within four years, epidemic accounts for three years, and SBM's training program was iterated and upgraded, and the cultivation of undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and MBA majors at all levels was greatly improved. I particularly want to give them a unique surprise when they graduate. The holding of the Metaverse Graduation Ceremony is also a true reflection of the synchronization between SBM and the frontier. At the time of farewell, with the help of science and technology, we deeply link the minds of faculties and students, and pack the graduation message of "Put the people in the first place and live up to them; The general trend is coming and the future has come; Do not fear the wind and rain and we will build our dreams" into our luggage and walk for a lifetime.

Picture 3. Graduation ceremony site

Mr. Wang Xingcan, sponsor and the founder of Beijing Mobile Micro World Company, said that he was impressed by the development characteristics of SBM in recent years of "international integration and cutting-edge synchronization". SBM actively embraces cutting-edge technology, which hit it off for the company to cooperate with SBM. The two sides closely cooperate to challenge the limits in an extremely short period of time, and complete the development of a digital simulation graduation ceremony system with independent intellectual property rights, which is inseparable from the company's deep accumulation in the industry. In the future, the company will consider cooperating with SBM in an all-round way to develop the air classroom, digital simulation teaching and research section, digital simulation laboratory, digital simulation academic conference and even digital simulation campus recruitment system, so that the metaverse technology can fully empower the education cause ".

Picture 4  Free group photo after the ceremony

According to the reporter, in recent years, SBM of SISU has adhered to the school running concept of "international integration and cutting-edge synchronization", made great progress, developed rapidly in discipline construction, and greatly improved its comprehensive school running strength. The number of faculties with doctoral degrees from well-known overseas institutions accounted for 24%, and the number of faculties with overseas experience accounted for 89%. SBM launched the "Digital Intelligent Management Talent Training Version 2.0" to transform all majors of undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and MBA programs into digital intelligent ones, meeting the needs of the times for talent training. SBM has a doctoral program and a postdoctoral mobile station in the first level discipline of business administration, an AI and data science application laboratory, and a key laboratory in the school of brain and cognitive science applications, becoming the first business school in the world with magnetic resonance equipment. SBM also undertook for the first time more than 40 national level projects, such as the Chinese Brain Program Science and Technology Innovation 2030 - "Brain Science and Brain like Research", and presided over national key self science projects. In the past five years, SBM has published more than 200 high-level papers at home and abroad in journals including Science/Nature/PNAS/UT Dallas 24, FT 50, Management World, Economic Research, etc., and won the first prize of Wu Wenjun Science and Technology Progress Award, Jiang Yiwei Management Award, China Information Economics Award, etc. SBM took the opportunity of holding the graduation ceremony of the Metaverse to present the public with a new image of the business school of a language university that subverts traditional cognition.

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