SBM SISU-ESIC International MBA program was again accredited by EPAS International


Recently, the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) officially announced that the "SISU-ESIC International MBA (IMBA) Program" of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) in cooperation with ESIC Business School in Spain has been accredited by EPAS (EFMD Programme Accreditation System). The IMBA program is the first IMBA program of SBM to receive international accreditation, and it is also the first IMBA program that SISU has participated in and received international accreditation. After the first accreditation in 2016, the program was re-accredited in 2019, and this is the third time the program has been accredited.

According to the work arrangement of EFMD, SBM and ESIC Business School in Spain jointly completed the writing and submission of the accreditation report and supporting materials, and jointly underwent the online accreditation work from November 30 to December 2, 2021, by the expert review panel from EFMD. During the three-day accreditation meeting, the expert review team examined the IMBA program's mission vision, professional design, operation, cultivation effect and quality assurance in five aspects through several meetings and discussions with the college leadership, project management team, faculty representatives, student and alumni representatives, and employer representatives, focusing on the IMBA program's academic performance since its re-accreditation by EPAS in 2019. IMBA program's continuous improvement and enhancement in terms of academic rigor, practical relevance and internationalization progress, as well as the operation and improvement on the quality control system of cooperation between the two sides. Xu Yong, Party Secretary of SISU SBM, Ma Baojun, Vice President of SISU SBM, Song Yan, Academic Director of MBA Center, Wang Bo, Director of International Exchange Office, Chen Xinli, Director of IMBA Program, Gao Jie, Teaching Director of MBA Center, and some faculty representatives participated in the questioning and discussion of online accreditation.

Through a comprehensive material review and a series of seminars, the accreditation panel, composed of four experienced accreditation experts, improved their understanding of the schools, colleges and programs of both partners, affirmed the philosophy and measures of both parties, affirmed the elaborate training system and training effect of SISU SBM and ESIC Business School of Spain for the IMBA program, and affirmed the The IMBA program is an MBA program with high internationalization, strong practicality and sustainable development. The expert review panel unanimously agreed that the IMBA program has met the accreditation standards and agreed at the EFMD Council in March 2022 that the program will be accredited by EPAS International and the accreditation document will be issued in July 2022. The accreditation process was also supported by Shanghai International Studies University's Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office, Graduate School and International Students Office.

The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), founded in 1971, aims to promote the development of management disciplines around the world and has more than 800 member organizations in more than 80 countries, including leading business schools, management training and consulting organizations, large companies and corporations, and public institutions around the world. EFMD has more than 800 member organizations in more than 80 countries, including famous business schools, management training and consulting organizations, large companies and enterprises, and public institutions, etc., and carries out EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System), EPAS (EFMD Programme Accreditation System), CLIP (Corporate Learning Improvement Process), and EFMD Programme Accreditation System. These three quality accreditation systems uphold a rigorous and meticulous style, and are known worldwide for their quality excellence. In 2014, SISU applied to become a member of EFMD.

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