SBM won 8 NSFC projects in 2022


On September 8, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced the review results of NSFC projects in 2022 (centralized acceptance period), and SBM of SISU received funding for a total of 8 projects. NSFC is the "main channel" for supporting basic research in China, and the approval of NSFC is an important symbol to measure the frontier innovation ability and scientific research management level of universities.

Among the funded teachers, five teachers, Meng Liang, Jin Jia, Zhang Jian, Zhang Mingyue and Hang Hongli, were supported by the general program, and three teachers, Mao Tianxin, Huang Yi and Fan Hua, were supported by the Youth Science Foundation program.

These projects are based on the needs of the current economic and social development of the country, combined with the cutting-edge and emerging methods of data science, neuroscience, behavioral science and management, and are intended to focus on solving the academic and practical hot issues of economic management perspectives such as consumer behavior, enterprise innovation, incentive mechanism and risk decision-making in the new era.

This achievement is a phased achievement of SBM in recent years, with the strong support of school leaders and relevant departments, focusing on the construction of scientific research team and research platform, paying attention to high-level scientific research, and increasing the introduction and cultivation of high-level talents. The faculty and students of the Institute will continue to make efforts to promote the construction of "double first-class" disciplines and serve the national strategy with scientific research innovation.

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