Big Date Management and Application of SBM was awarded “A”in Comprehensive Strength of National Universities


Recently, the National University Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Innovation Alliance released the '2022 Comprehensive Strength Ranking of Education and Teaching of Big Data Management and Application in 182 Universities in China', and the undergraduate major of Big Data Management and Application in SBI was awarded as Class A major. The 'A class' means that the overall level of comprehensive strength of education and teaching of big data management and application majors ranks the top in national universities.

In order to comprehensively reflect the overall scale, regional distribution and development level of 'big data management and application' education and teaching in colleges and universities in China, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of big data education in colleges and universities, from March to April 2022, the National Collegiate AI and Big Data Innovation Alliance conducted a research on 182 general colleges and universities that have started, are starting, and will start 'big data management and application'. The research results will be published in the form of 'ranking' to serve the national big data strategy and lead the development of big data management and application majors in colleges and universities. This is the most comprehensive, the largest and the most covered university ranking for 'Big Data Management and Application' so far.

The major of 'Big Data Management and Application' of SBM was established in 2020, positioning itself in the direction of digital finance and quantitative investment. The major has actively embraced the new generation of frontier technology, actively promoted the construction of the major, built a curriculum and course structure integrating data science, artificial intelligence, computational finance and quantitative investment, formed a professional characteristic integrating management, economics, information science and other disciplines, and has a research-oriented and through-discipline training system with full coverage of undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral discipline points.

In recent years, the new generation of information technology represented by big data and artificial intelligence has given rise to a new economy, new industries and new business models characterized by the integration of digital intelligence, and social and economic management problems are becoming increasingly integrated and complex. It has become an important mission to cultivate talents in management professions. Faced with this background, Shanghai International Business Administration School of Shanghai International Studies University fully realizes that it is urgent to strengthen the reform of talent supply side and cultivate new digital intelligent management talents in the new mode. SISBA has been taking action to cultivate digital intelligent management talents! Four years ago, our school started to implement the 'Excellence in Management Talents Program', which is a large class admission and training program. In 2022, we will upgrade and launch the 'Digital Intelligence Management Talent Training Program Version 2.0', relying on two laboratories of artificial intelligence and data science and brain and cognitive science application, and transform the undergraduate majors into digital intelligence: business administration (enterprise digital intelligence management), financial management (intelligent accounting and smart finance), marketing (big data and intelligent marketing), public relations (new technology and integrated media management), information management and information system (data science and business analysis), and big data management and application (digital finance and quantitative investment). Digital Finance and Quantitative Investment).

SBM is committed to cultivating future business leaders and shaping scientific exploration and innovation capabilities by adopting a 'horizontal and vertical' training model.

(1) Taking 'continuous updating of students' knowledge' as the horizontal axis, we have built a learning system of mathematical intelligence courses. Students are not divided into majors after entering the school; years 1-2 strengthen the fundamentals of economics and management, mathematics, information and research; at the end of sophomore year, they choose their own major direction according to their interests and wishes; years 3-4 enter professional training, and after completing the core curriculum, they study digital transformation, smart management, smart accounting, smart finance, digital marketing, smart marketing, smart technology, media management, data science, artificial intelligence, etc. according to their major direction. Media management, data science, artificial intelligence, digital finance, quantitative investment and other module courses; in addition to this, you can also select the courses of interest from the pool of elective courses that the college continues to update in large numbers every year.

(2) Build a system of integration ability shaping with 'continuous improvement of students' ability' as the vertical axis. This includes the 'Digital Intelligence Enhancement Program' to cultivate the ability to apply data science; the 'Academic Navigation Program' to cultivate the ability to create scientific research; the 'Thinking Innovation Program' to cultivate the ability to continuously innovate and develop The 'Language Excellence Program' cultivates global competency. A four-year mentoring system is in place throughout the entire process to provide institutional support.

SBM has built a 3500 square meters 'Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Application Laboratory' and 'Brain and Cognitive Science Application Key Laboratory' with reference to the hardware and training mode of national key laboratories. The hardware of 'Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Application Laboratory' supports the research of digital marketing, business analysis, financial technology, etc. It also supports the basic experimental course system of data analysis, the basic experimental course system of artificial intelligence, and the teaching management system of big data, etc. 'In 2021, SBM will invest 30 million to build the first MRI research center in the global management school to support the research of intelligent science.

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