The paper supervised by Associate Professor Mingyue Zhang was awarded the only best paper award at CNAIS 2021


On October 17, 2021, Zhu Tiancheng, a master's student in the School of Business Administration, under the guidance of his supervisor, Associate Professor Zhang Mingyue (PhD supervisor in Information Management and Digital Marketing), was awarded the only best paper award at CNAIS 2021 for his paper "The Integer Effect and User Content Contribution on Knowledge Sharing Platform". The conference was attended by more than 800 registrants and received 76 oral presentations and 63 poster papers. This paper is the only best paper of the conference (with two other best paper nominations).

The paper innovatively takes the "integer effect" as the starting point, and finds that users' motivation to contribute may be due to the "integer" incentive, and users will contribute more content when their points are close to the integer. The study also found that the platform's set-up of a "round number" incentive for users to contribute to the platform may be the result of a "round number" incentive. The study also finds that explicit incentives set by the platform can enhance the "integer effect" and further explains that the marginal effect of integers is decreasing.

The China Association for Information Systems (CNAIS) is a binary committee of the national-level committee, the System Engineering Society of China, whose objectives are to help domestic scholars communicate with other academic groups and scholars worldwide, to promote collaboration among domestic scholars and academic groups, and to strengthen the collaboration between scholars and academic groups in related disciplines. CNAIS 2021 was held in Changsha, Hunan Province from October 15 to 17, 2012, with the theme of "Information System Innovation and Intelligent Management in the VUCA Era", organized by the Business School of Central South University.

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