Closing ceremony of 2021 SISU MBA-IECL Coaching Program successfully held


On the afternoon of June 27th, the closing ceremony of 2021 SISU MBA-IECL coaching program was held in MBALecture Room of Hongkou Campus. Prof. Xu Yong, Secretary of the CPC Committee, School of Business and Management ,SISU. Prof. Wang Xin, Director of MBA Center, Ms.Yang Baihe,Deputy Director of MBA Center,Ms. Lin Xiaoju ,Executive Deputy Director of Career Development and Alumni Association Office,and Ms.Wang Chun, Ms.Li Tan, senior coaches of IECL and participating students of SISU MBA attended the ceremonytogether.

The closing ceremony began with Prof. Xu Yong's speech. He first expressed his gratitude to the coaches who participated in the project. The project has helped the students in their study, career development and life confusion. At the same time, it has also helped foreign coaches understand China better.Prof. Xu Yong said that the college will adhere to the international development strategy and be fully open in faculty, student and personnel training. IECL coaches are integral part of the college's international teachers and will also be able to make important contributions to the international development of the college.

Coach Marc A. Sherman summarized the project on behalf of the partners. First of all, he expressed his gratitude for the comprehensive and friendly support provided by SBM SISU. In this coaching program, the coach helps the students solve their doubts in self-awareness and self exploration, and make clear their career development plan. By constantly asking questions, students can expand their horizons and break the shackles of fear, so that students with different experiences can achieve what they really want. Although the project is over, but the relationship is not over, he encouraged the students to create their dream career. Finally, Marc would like to thank you all for your three-month career exploration journey with courage and openness.

Coach and student representatives review and share the project in the stage. The students said that in this coaching program, the coach carried out "questioning and counter questioning" according to his unique personality and career development, so that the students could see the panorama of things from a new perspective, and pay attention to the aspects that they had not noticed before. When they realized the truth of the problem and touched their heart, several students cried in front of their coach. Coaches said that coaching is to enable students to establish self thinking mode and solve systematic problems through "questioning and counter questioning", rather than just a method and an answer.

Prof. Xu Yong and Wang Xin issued the certificate to the coach team on behalf of the college, and expressed sincere thanks to the coaches for their dedication in this coaching program.

Subsequently, the teachers and coaches jointly issued the certificate of completion to the students and expressed their heartfelt wishes for their future development.

Finally, in the Q&A session, Marc answered the students about the core spirit of IECL project and the training of IECL coaches. The project lasted three months from April to June. Through professional coaching methods, the coaches guided MBA students go more smoothly on the road of self-awareness and development. The students who participated in the tutoring basically completed the tutoring for three times as scheduled and obtained the certificate of completion. They all benefited a lot. The coaching program is one of the characteristics of SISU MBA. IECL program is an all English program, which further strengthens the characteristics of SISU and plays an important role in improving the career development ability of SISU MBA students.


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