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Established in 1949, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is a forward-looking academic institution in China, committed to preparing innovative professionals and future global leaders for a wide range of international expertise to address the critical challenges of our times. SISU is a national key University directly under the ministry of education and jointly built by Shanghai municipality with support of 211 Project and Double Tops. Since its establishment, the university has always maintained its discipline advantages and high-level scientific research and teaching. It has the largest number of first-level doctoral programs in the same kind of universities, and has been awarded the discipline assessment A+ by the ministry of education and QS top ranking in the world university discipline. Among nearly 3,000 universities, gaokao scores have long been among the top 20.

Since the launch of management education in 1985, the School of Business and Management has been committed to serving the national strategy from the reform and opening up to today's Chinese enterprises going global. Our students have been active in every important historical stage of national development. Adhering to the fine historical and cultural traditions of China in the past 5,000 years and absorbing the essence of western management thoughts and theories in the past 200 years, SBM is committed to cultivating internationalized, elitist and globalized students in today's society driven by science and technology. SBM has successively introduced talents from the university of Pennsylvania, Georgia institute of technology, Cambridge university and other world-class universities in the United States, attracted a group of scholars with dreams, feelings and responsibilities, and established a faculty with Yangtze river scholars, thousand talents program, major chief experts in social sciences, oriental scholars and other academic leaders.

The distance begins with the step, education is about the country. To build a domestic first-class and internationally renowned school of management in China, to cultivate talents of Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence in the world, so as to help the development of global enterprises and promote the progress of the world economy. For this reason, SBM will never forget its original intention and forge ahead with its dream.

Vision: To be acknowledged as a domestically first-class and internationally renowned research-based business school with a special distinction in borderless management

Mission: Explore the Frontiers, Cultivate Leaders, Connect the World, and Fulfill the Future

Values: Dream, Explore, Innovate, and Contribute

Objectives: To Cultivate Management Elites who Create Value for the World

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