​Academic Platforms


SBM is accelerating the construction of laboratories and research institutes in order to establish a new model of teaching-research synergy based on technology-driven management, to grow and gather outstanding scholars, to facilitate innovative exploration into the frontiers and critical issues concerning national economy, social development and national security, and to encourage major project applications to the National Social Science Fund and the National Natural Science Foundation. So far, the school has built two laboratories (the Key Laboratory of Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and the AI and Data Science Application Center) and 14 research institutes, providing a broad research platform for the faculty and students to pursue their diversified academic interests. 

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence and Behavior (BMIB)

Key Laboratory of Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences

AI and Data Science Application Center

Institute of Cross-Cultural Management

Institute of Oriental Management

Institute of Digital PR and Brand Management

Institute of Data Sciences and Intelligent Decision Making

Institute of Neural Information System and User Behavior

Institute of Neural Information System and Digital Marketing

Institute of Decision Neuroscience

Institute of Strategy and Innovation

Institute of Intelligent Response for Disaster and Crisis

Institute of Intelligent Advertising and Communication Science

Institute of Intelligent Operation and Supply Chain management

Institute of Fintech and Behavioral Economics

Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Finance

Institute of Organizational Behavior and Organizational Neuroscience

Institute of Consumer Behavior and Neural Decision-Making

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