SISU SBM Achieves Another Milestone in 2019 Higher Education Press Mathematical Contest in Modeling


The results of the 2019 Higher Education Press Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling Shanghai Division were announced in November. Following the ground-breaking performance in 2018, this year two teams of six students from the School of Business and Management (SBM) won third prizes under the guidance of Luo Lijuan and Wang Haifeng from SBM.

The Undergraduate National Mathematical Contest in Modeling, launched in 1992, is a national competition for college students sponsored by the Ministry of Education. As a national A-level competition held annually, it is now the largest one in the country for fundamental disciplines, and the largest mathematical modeling competition in the world. In 2019, 42,992 teams of 130,000 participants joined the contest from 1,490 colleges across China, the United States and Malaysia.

This is the second time for SISU to join in this competition with great support from relevant faculties and departments to organize and prepare for the event. SISU SBM has always been supportive for students' academic equipment and engagement in such events by offering relevant courses and activities. As for this competition, SBM will continue to provide strong support for all the participating teams. Over the years' reform, SBM has been working to create an environment for students to think innovatively and rigorously, to compete with advanced technologies and skills, and to learn with a global vision and through hands-on approach.

Wall of honor for the winning participants




Third Prize

Sun Wen, Chen Jianrui,   Zhou Ketong

Luo Lijuan

Third Prize

Gu Liji, Zhang Chi

Wang Haifeng

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