The 2019 Shanghai Management Science Forum was Successfully Held at the Shanghai Science Hall


On December 15, 2019, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Shanghai Society of Management Science, the 2019 Shanghai Management Science Forum: Future-oriented Management was successfully held in Shanghai Science Hall. The forum was hosted by Shanghai Management Science Society and co-hosted by the business schools of 21 universities in Shanghai. CPMC and Shanghai Management Science Journal organized the event. The Neuroscience and Management Sub-forum was organized by the School of Business and Management (SBM) of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).

The main session was moderated by Professor Wang Fanghua, President of Shanghai Management Science Society and former Dean of Antai School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Mr. Li Xiaochuan, President of Shanghai Management Science Forum, opened the 2019 Shanghai Management Science Forum, followed by five speakers' sharing under the theme of Future-oriented Management. Fifteen sub-forums are organized by universities in Shanghai and the Global DBA Association on different topics. The forum showcased the research outcomes of each institution with diverse background. Among them, the Neuroscience and Management Sub-forum organized by SBM was successfully held in Science Hall 901, chaired by SBM’s Vice President, Professor Yang Xiaolan.

Professor Pan Yu, Dean of SBM, gave a lecture on Neuroscience on User Behavior Research on Intelligent System, in which he introduced the development of neuroscience in the field of system user behavior research from four aspects: development of behavior research, revolution of behavior research, research case, progress and difficulties, and pointed out that one of the prominent features of intelligent information system is that it can make the information environment interact better with users, as one that understands users' preferences and needs better, and that the future research field should integrate with management scenarios, Internet, big data and artificial intelligence. 

Prof. Hengyi Rao, Executive Director of the Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Science at SISU, gave a lecture on Trends in Management Science Research-driven by Neuroscience, introducing the development of cognitive neuroscience in the field of human behavior research and the current research achievements and progress of the SISU researchers, and giving suggestions for future development of cognitive neuroscience technology.

Professor Fadong Chen, a researcher of the Hundred Talents Program of Zhejiang University's School of Business Administration, gave a lecture on Economic Decision Making from Cognitive Processing Perspective. It introduced in detail the specific problems, methods and findings of their research teams. The in-depth lectures of the three professors were well received by many scholars, teachers and students.

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