SBM’s Undergraduate Program, Business and Management, is on the List of 2019 National World-class Undergraduate Programs


An undergraduate program of the School of Business and Management (SBM), Business and Management, is on the list of 2019 National World-class Undergraduate Programs issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education has implemented the “Twenty Thousand Plan” to support world-class undergraduate programs since April 2019. The plan calls for efforts to build about 10,000 national and 10,000 provincial world-class undergraduate programs from the year of 2019 to 2021. According to Notice on 2019 National and Provincial World-class Undergraduate Programs Issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Education (Office of Higher Education [2019] No. 46)”, the academic programs were voted in by the Higher Education Teaching Guiding Committee of the Ministry of Education after online application by universities, review by the Administrative Department of the university, and evaluation by the voting committee.

In response to the demand to build “New Liberal Arts, New Business Studies”, SBM will put forth efforts to train management talents to master relevant technologies and to develop their core strengths. The School will put students first, carry forward the guidance of “Staying True on Four Fronts” (stay true to common sense, stay true to obligation, stay true to mission, and stay true to aspiration) and build world-class undergraduate programs with Chinese characteristics. In order to equip students with a solid foundation of basic knowledge and to be well-informed with improved capabilities, SBM attaches great importance to the teaching of Economic Management, Mathematics, Metrology, Information Technology and Language. With all these efforts, SBM aims to foster future leaders that have a global vision and are familiar with frontier research to serve the country with their research competency, innovative spirit and language expertise.

During the past few years, the School has been working to build strong faculty and platforms for experiments to support teaching, and to build a coordinated model of teaching and research with the help of emerging technologies for the leapfrog development of different disciplines. The School has been drawing in talents from world-class universities, including Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Institute of Technology, Cambridge University, and National University of Singapore, and thus a teaching team with many pace-setters in their fields of study formed. The school is aiming for a well-round development with both advanced research and teaching, by stepping up the construction of the Key Laboratory of Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences, as a sustainable growth driver for undergraduate education.

Fruitful results have been yielded due to the School’s commitment in teaching. SBM has successively won national and municipal Teaching Achievements Award, and has been approved by the Ministry of Education to implement Industry-University Collaborative Education Project, Shanghai Undergraduate Education Reform Project. In the past two years, more than 30% of the School’s undergraduates have entered world-renowned institutions such as Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, Peking University for further studies; four teams of undergraduates have won awards in the National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the first students from SISU to win in this competition. In terms of research, the number of research projects and published papers keeps growing with improved quality. In 2019, the School’s project was approved to be the Key Research Project supported by National Natural Science Foundation; the School has also published many papers on top international journals of Management, Economics, and Psychology; the discipline of Business and Management ranked 45 (top 24%) according to the Academic Ranking of Chinese Universities, which marks another breakthrough since it ranked the top 50% in 2018.

Being on the list of 2019 National World-class Undergraduate Programs proves the School’s long-term efforts to strengthen work on building academic programs and improving the quality of students training. In the future, the School will continue to put students first under the guidance of “Staying True on Four Fronts”, and keep promoting the development of academic programs guided by the mission of “Technology-driven Management” and “New liberal Arts, New Business Studies”.

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