Institute of IMA Smart City


The Institute of IMA Smart City is a collaboration between the School of Business and Management, Shanghai International Studies University and the IMA Institute of Management Accountants. Founded in 1919, IMA is the world's leading international organization of management accountants, providing the most qualified and high-quality services to management and finance professionals within enterprises. IMA has more than 140,000 members in more than 300 branches and elite clubs in 150 countries and territories.

The Institute focuses on the main aspects of smart city construction to carry out specific research work, including but not limited to urban security, smart public security, smart government, smart governance, new energy construction, sustainable development, etc. The Institute gives full play to its functions as a think tank, carries out decision-making consultation and research, and provides intellectual support to relevant national ministries and commissions, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and municipal government and other government departments in policy-making and decision-making through special reports or internal reference.

The institute is located in the Hongkou campus of Shanghai International Studies University with relatively complete hardware infrastructure and research environment. Besides, the Institute has established cooperative relations with a number of well-known external institutions, think-tank centers, industry associations, key enterprises, etc. Through cross-border research and intellectual integration, the research achievements of the Institute are continuously enhanced in breadth and depth, and the contribution value to economic and social development is continuously enhanced.

The institute now has a professional think-tank research team, composed of senior university scholars, government think-tank, industry experts, and enterprise research backbone personnel. It has successively obtained many key projects of decision-making consultation of Shanghai Municipal government, many important instructions of provincial and minister-level leaders, and many articles published on important platforms such as

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