Young Talents Recruitment


School of Business and Management (SBM),

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

Young Talents Recruitment


We want young talents having earned Ph.D. degree from overseas universities, or from mainland universities under the supervision of famous scholars, and with the potential to apply for various talent programs of Shanghai.

Recruitment Fields

Discipline Areas

Research Concentrations

Business   Administration

Business Management

Organizational   behavior and human resources managementstrategic managementmarketingsupply   chain managementcross-cultural management

Information Management

Data science, artificial intelligence and deep learning, user behavior research

Economics & Finance

Quantitative trading, financial mathematics, corporate finance, accounting, asset pricing, behavioral finance, experimental economics, business statistics and econometrics

Interdisciplinary study of Cognitive Neuroscience & Economics/Management

Application of cognitive neuroscience research to the study of economics and management (Principal Investigator system)

Job Benefits

We offer an attractive environment featuring excellent teaching and research facilities, young and aspiring colleagues, sufficient developmental space, relatively lower working pressure than tenure track, relaxing and supportive working condition, competitive remuneration package as well as other welfares.

1.Excellent geographical location. With two campuses -- Hongkou (downtown) and Songjiang (suburb). May help recruited members to apply for Shanghai Hukou.

2.Prestigious university. Top 5 in Shanghai and top 20 nationwide in terms of the admission scores in National Entrance Examination.

3.Excellent remuneration. Full faculty membership, competitive remuneration. University may assist in the applying for Hukou and competitive remuneration and public housing.

4.Low pressure. Slightly lower working pressure than the tenure track.

5.Child education opportunities. Preferential opportunities to send children to the primary schools and middle schools affiliated to SISU, known as “legendary schools” in Shanghai.

About Us

Founded in December 1949, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is the first foreign language institute set up after the founding of People’s Republic of China. It is directly under the Ministry of Education and jointly sponsored by Shanghai Municipality. As a 211 Project university offering First-Class Discipline”, SISU has always maintained its superiority in discipline, research and teaching. With the most first-level PhD. programs among China’s foreign-language oriented universities, it is ranked as A+ in discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education and also listed among top universities by QS World University Rankings. In terms of admission scores in the National College Entrance Examination, SISU always ranks among top 20 among China’s over 3000 universities.

Since the launching of management education in 1985, School of Business and Management (SBM) has been committed to serving the national strategy. From Reform & Opening-up to Going Global, SISU graduates have made active contribution to the national development in every important historical stage. Adhering to China’s 5000-year historical and cultural tradition learning from Western 200-year management ideologies and theories, SBM remains at the academic frontier to cultivate students with visions of internationalization and elitism. Teaching and research talents have been recruited from world-class universities, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Institute of Technology and Cambridge University, to create a cohort of scholars with ambition and responsibility. SBM faculty prides in taking on top-level talents like “Yangtze River Scholars” , “the Thousand Talents Plan” professionals , National Social Science Chief Experts, Oriental Scholars to other academic leaders. To meet needs of national strategy, SBM is dedicated to building a business school actively engaged in global research frontiers. Thanks to the relentless efforts of generations, SISU SBM has grown into the best business school among similar universities.

SBM cherishes its original ideals to build a business school that is first-class domestically and renowned internationally. By training outstanding talents with “Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence, it makes due contribution to the development of global enterprises and the advancement of global economy.

SBM Vision: Borderless World, Borderless Management.”

SBM Mission: To foster international business management innovative interdisciplinary talents, and provide intellectual support of international operation for enterprises, governments and other organizations.

Application Materials

(1)Detailed resume;

(2)Two representative papers, either published or draft;

(3)Doctoral dissertation, either finished or draft;

(4)Other supporting materials.

p.s.: The above documents should be sent by email to the admissions office with subject-line in for format of graduate university + specialty + name + available time (Available time should be written in the format of year + month, such as 201806)

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