Business Study Tours

Every year, SBM will organize business study tours (BST) projects abroad together with some foreign cooperative universities. Students in our school have an opportunity to study courses sponsored by overseas universities, visit famous overseas enterprises, and carry out cross-cultural experience activities. Overseas business study tours are usually one to two weeks each year during the winter/summer months. Students who take part in the business study tour have an opportunity to enjoy the special scholarship for overseas study provided by the college according to the regulations of the college. Currently, the main business study tours are:

Global leadership tour. Sponsored by Freeman School of Business, Tulane university in the United States, this one-week project is mainly about global finance, involving global foreign exchange market, formation mechanism of exchange rate, exchange rate risk management, hedging, etc. In addition, it also includes rich and colorful contents such as enterprise visits and cross-cultural activities. Another feature of the project is the high level of international learning environment. The students participating in the course come from more than a dozen countries. While learning knowledge, students are immersed in cross-cultural communication experience.

Germany industry 4.0 tour. The project sponsored by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Handelshochschule Leipzig), Germany, for ten days or so, students will participate in strategic management, innovation management, industrial 4.0, leadership, such as academic lectures, and visit Porsche Leipzig Factory, BMW line, Amazon and other logistics company, DHL or by well-known enterprises CEO to make students experience sharing. and to the German capital Berlin or Dresden, Saxony to have an enterprise visit and understand the local history and culture, etc.

Digital marketing tour. Sponsored by ESIC business and marketing school, the 8-day program aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and potential challenges in digital marketing and to learn to succeed in a rapidly changing and innovative environment. The content of the project includes digital marketing courses, enterprise visits and Spanish cultural experience activities. Through this program, students can learn about the business environment in Spain and experience the unique Spanish culture and cultural customs.

British cultural experience and business management tour. Co-sponsored by Oxford University and Kingston university, the 14-day project consists of the British cultural experience provided by Oxford University and the business management activities provided by Kingston university. This program enables students to experience the modernization of Oxford University's ancient simplicity and Kingston university, and to experience the different urban styles and teaching methods of Oxford and London, so that students can have an in-depth understanding of traditional British culture and modern British culture in their study.

Creative strategic management tour. Sponsored by Hulmstad University in Sweden, the one-week project provides students with courses such as strategic innovation management, operation management, seminars, sand table simulation exercises, and they use the knowledge learned to experience the process of innovation management. The student still will visit Volvo of famous car manufacturing enterprise and understand the Swedish culture that has Nordic amorous feelings alone.

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