School of Business and Management SISU Established a New Undergraduate Program, Big Data Management and Application


According to the 2019 Filing and Approval Results of Undergraduate Programs issued by the Ministry of Education, the undergraduate program named Big Data Management and Application of the School of Business and Management at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) was approved for establishment.

Program Name

Program Code


Big Data Management and Application


Management Science and Engineering

By classifying Big Data Management and Application into the division of Business and Management, it aims to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents who excel in data management with a solid background in business and management. To be more specific, students of this program should master the basics of Management Science, be familiar with technology and methods for big date management, and be skillful at using business data to do quantitative analysis intelligently. They are featured by the ability to manage big data and manage by using big data. This new program provides professional training which addresses the most concerned social issues across the world by applying big data management while pursuing innovation and application. Particular emphasis is laid on improving students’ ability to analyze data and make sound deductions and predictions from the data. The Program is intended to establish a system for students to learn both different languages and big data management for the Belt and Road Initiative.

The establishment of the Program embraces the big data trend by cultivating talents needed for social and economic development. SBM will take all-out efforts in promoting this new program, training students to meet the demand of national development, scientific and technological progress with standard methods while giving play to the unique strength of SISU.

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